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    Glitch is long gone but the kindness is still kicking!

    So after almost one whole year of the termination of Glitch, Tiny Speck has made more than ten thousand assets available for everyone to use in the retirement page of the game:

    Glitch was a quirky, weird, cute and wonderfully strange chunk of creativity while it lasted, and it was one social experiment that could have done so much more if only they could have had the enough exposure to sustain it all. Not to mention that the technological evolution of mobiles and the slow decline of Flash further pushed their work off the edge until they stopped it before it could fall all the way down.

    I miss the game and it's awfully altruistic of Tiny Speck to do something like this for everyone, but I'm not here to talk about the game itself, I'm just here to spread the word for anyone who might be looking for some free assets to use in their artwork or use some of the codes for programming or game developing if you like. You'll find a bit of everything in there: Inhabitants, items, achievements, clothes, strange creatures and so on.

    Oh, but you might wanna know what it all looks like before you download it, right? Riiiiight?

    Well, you can easily browse the Encyclopedia in which I believe you will find almost everything (except for the clothing, bummer!).

    Just have fun and feel free to use these assets if you can, I'm not a great speaker but I hope I made my message reach someone who might need something like this.

    Thanks for reading!

    ~Drakkar Vance
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    Oh, wow. Those are some spiffy assets.
    Never heard of Glitch before, but it's awfully kind of them to release their assets for reuse like that. I'm sure a ridiculous amount of work went into creating them.

    Thanks for the heads-up! If I ever find time to work on any personal projects, I might make use of some of these.



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