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I'm seriously contemplating switching my current major (at community college) to get an associates degree in science, and then try to get into the wildlife program at Virginia Tech. The only thing is, I'm very poor at math and science... this is going to be a real challenge. x_x
Do not let this discourage you, I am speaking from personal experience.

If you have a good reading comprehension, then you will do fine in many science classes. It may be that it requires a little more studying because the unfamiliar terms and concepts are at first hard to memorize and learn.

As for math, I have struggled in this subject my entire life, but you know what I recently got on my College Algebra final? A 91 out of 100. If you knew how much and how long I had struggled in math for, you would be floored by that fact. A good teacher, a determination to learn the subject, and helpful books that attempt to tutor people who are more artsy will all help.

I highly recommend going to your library and finding a book titled, "Learn College Algebra The Easy Way" because it presents a lot of the concepts in a story form that will be easy for you to pick up. I also recommend that you check out a website called Khan Academy and start tutoring yourself there with his videos and problems. Always seek out your teacher for extra help and make appointments with them if you are struggling, you paid to be there, and they will be more than willing to.

Gee, maybe I should start a studying and tutoring resources thread somewhere.

Anyway, as for me, I recently changed from an Associate of Science at a community college to an Associate of Applied Sciences in Electroneurodiagnostic technology. It took 2 years of school to find this path but now I am truly excited about my work.

I don't mean to offend anyone here, but I really think going to a big university and taking out several thousand dollars worth of loans for a degree you aren't positive you want because you're still young is a total scam. I'm in 0 debt because I can pay for all my school upfront with these cheap prices, and it's great.