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    where am I again?


    My name is Venya Aven. I'm a bit of a artist but I like talking allot more then anything really. I love making new friends and making podcasts and such. I draw with Sai and a Wacom tablet. ^_^

    I love music!! its what I listen to most of the time. its mainly epic rap battles of history or dubstep, or techno, or you know stuff like that. Custom music is always fun too.

    I am a silver lioness with purple dreadlocks and my eyes are grey to the point I look blind but I can see just fine. (at least my fursona can )

    Venya is the name I have used since I was 18 basically. im easy to find even xD

    oh and I do love art too so if you ever want to trade with me then ask.

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    Welcome to Weasyl!

    Your art is really cute <3 I would love to do a trade at some point when I'm not too busy with school ;v;



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