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    ((I think this goes here?))

    What sort of webcomics do you read? Feel free to list titles! <3

    I used to like Homestuck but the fandom became annoying. I quit as soon as my schoolmates started telling me to read HS when I was one of the first three people to read it and share it with others to begin with.
    I actively read TJ and Amal (a few sexual scenes but I love the story), Always Raining Here, Olympus Overdrive, and Zoophobia.
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    For a while I read a TLK fanfiction comic on dA, it was excellent, and I never did finish it. Gonna have to do it sometime.

    Also, I LOVE Super Effective! Such a great comic, also need to finish it, or at least as much as has been uploaded. SO MUCH NEED.

    Edit: Super Effective finished, WOO
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    Super Effective? I might have to check that out! <3 Thanks!

    There was this one comic by Tamberella on dA that I really liked, but updates on it are slow :c

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    I'm sure most people have already heard of lackadaisy but its one I really enjoy. There are a ton of others I've read but most of them have stopped production.

    recently I've been getting into Unsounded and its really enjoyable so far. Self aware zombies are always a win.

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    I'm gonna check in as a token Homestuck fan. Anyone who's been on Tumblr has likely run into the fandom or seen something related to it. It's a really long, but pretty damn intense, ridiculous, surreal and just all around awesome webcomic that has been running for about 4 and a half years. Its one of those stories that you can't really explain and just suggest people to go and give it a try themselves.

    Some people have trouble getting into it because the first act is slow, but the pace ramps up once you get past it and you'll be glad you stuck with it once it does.

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    Beyond the Western Deep is a totally jivin' comic that you should all read, yo.

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    I love me some TJ and Amal, man.

    I read:
    Gunnerkrigg Court (Fairly well-known fantasy webcomic. Magic meets technology in a boarding school.)

    Vattu (Current project of Evan Dahm, who wrote Rice Boy and Order of Tales and is wonderful. Fantasy stories set in a world entirely of Dahm's own invention. Gorgeous.)

    Zebra Girl (Which is currently on break, but the archives are well worth a trawl. Girl gets in the way of her friends messing around with magic, turns into a demon. Story and art both start somewhat shaky, but go somewhere beautiful as the author improved.)

    Love Me Nice (Toons working in showbiz, in a world a la Roger Rabbit.)

    Awkward Zombie (Fun expressions. Video games.)

    Manly Guys Doing Manly Things (More fun expressions, video games, and more machismo jokes than you'd want to shake a stick at.)

    I also occasionally go back to look sorrowfully at The Meek, like a dog waiting for its owner to return. Author is super busy, but man, man, just look at it. LOOK AT IT.

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    I'm a huge fan of Lackadaisycats. So much in fact my character wears pretty much the same attire as Mordecai. Not because "lolherp I am badaz", but because I think his outfit is the most common one in the upper class of 1920's, a good generalization.

    Another I'm quite fond of is Romantically Apocalyptic. Great art with photoediting and funny writing makes it well worth the read. Stunning visuals. It is not furry.

    Zoophobia swept me away with it's unique art style and lovely characters. A kind of a Alice in Wonderland type of story.

    Then is a webcomic I like a lot. It's called Dreamkeepers. The webcomic spans hundreds of pages and features a ton of likeable characters, each with their own distinct personality. It revolves around a bunch of orphans and a girl who's effectively a prisoner of a high status skyscraper apartment. Being a child of a mayor (I think) doesn't allow room for errors, which this character is full of so she's locked away.
    The actual comic is also 10/10, available as a physical copy.

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    I could go on for some time about webcomics, but I'll only list a few favourites here.

    As an example of strong writing we have of course, Dinosaur Comics. Every strip (5 days a week) uses the same crappy clipart but every strip manages to differentiate itself from the rest. Frankly I dont know how Ryan North does it.

    Then the magic of Gunshow! Drawn and written in the inimitable style of K.C. Green it always manages to amuse. Most of it is either oneshots or short stories, but sometimes he'll attempt something darker like 'Graveyard Quest'.

    Hark, a vagrant! should need no introduction. Kate Beaton has a wonderful art style, knows her history, and goodness me that humour oh mai. If you archive binge on any of these please make it this one, you'll laugh and learn history at the same time! Forcing things you needed to know out of your brain because that is how brains work now.

    Next is Wondermark, an illustrated jocularity. David Malki takes old Victorian style artings and repurposes them for to make a funny on you. It has a consistent standard of awesome/funny that'll keep you entertained for hours, the alt-text alone is usually funnier than most other webcomics.

    As for comics with actual plot there's The Adventures of Dr. Mc Ninja. He's a ninja who's also a doctor, his sidekick is a tween bandito with the most excellent mustache grown through sheer willl, has a goriila named Judy as a secretary, and once waged war on Ronald McDonald. Go read this.

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    There was a time that I read several webcomics (somewhere close to 20) but in the past few years I've whittled it down quite a lot. The only ones I read consistently now are Housepets and XKCD. I've not been as impressed with Gunnerkrigg Court of late.
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