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    Since I read a lot in order to procrastinate, the list is long. I'm on Mangamagazine and a lot of the time the people there are telling you to read their comics.
    I found it easier and nicer to meet the comic artists and read stuff that way. Usually a friend's webcomic will take precedence over any stranger any day so if my friends have webcomics, I'll stick to it and read it.
    I go to a comic convention in my city called TCAF so there are dozens of new artists as well as long time artists (though I hate that this convention falls on the weekend after Free Comic Book Day... that's when items like the Iron Man special is 70% off... and Dr Who merch is 50-60% off... urgh)
    But anyways the comics I read are these:
    Teahouse, Star Fighter, Two Rooks, Polterguys (I met her too and asked her a TON of questions, then got my friend to buy her manga LOL I was broke from free Comic day since I bought too many Iron man things haha) and Always Raining Here (since I met the artist and I thought she was pretty awesome as well.) I also read a buddy of mine's comic Buddy and Friend.
    And most of them I own physical copies of since internet is a major distraction of mine XD.

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    Megatokyo (nuff' said), XKCD, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Nerf Now, and Blind Springs.
    All are totally recommended.

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    Ohhh boy, time to dig out the list...some of my current favorites are Unsounded, Nimona, and Strong Female Protagonist. I also keep track of True Magic and The Fox Sister, but those have somewhat sporadic update schedules. If anyone likes their comics with a bit of Finnish mythology, a Redtail's Dream has fantastic art and a completed storyline (and the artist has a new post-apocalyptic comic, Stand Still. Stay Silent.)

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    I read quite a few but I'll post my personal favorites here.

    The Dreamland Chronicles is probably one of the only 3D comics I read. It's just so well done and looks like stills from a movie. I just hope it does get turned into a movie eventually.

    Schlock Mercenary has been updated everyday since 2000 so good luck reading all the archives. There is just so much there and the art drastically improves in that time period. It's insane. The author seems like a cool guy also.

    Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. The artwork and storytelling are wonderful. It takes place in the afterlife, somewhat, and seems to be just getting started with the actual plot. The creature designs are what drew me in at first but stayed for the story.

    Trying Human is about aliens and alien abduction. Pretty darn entertaining and quite an interesting take on the subject. The artist just redrew all the old pages so it's worth rereading.
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    Here are a few of my favorites from my bookmarks

    Seconding A Redtail's Dream and Stand Still. Stay Silent. The artist's work is beautiful! She draws and inks all her pages by hand, then adds colors on the computer. The result is each page being stand-alone work of art. Redtail is a finished comic, SSSS has just recently begun and will be ongoing for a while.
    Skin Deep, a fun comic where Mythical creatures are real and are hiding in plain site alongside humans. Ongoing comic.
    Boxer Hockey, a strange comic following a team who plays the sport Boxer Hockey. The beginning pages are 8years old, but his current quality is reflected on the sites banner. The comic is currently on hiatus.
    Gone with the Blastwave, an apocalyptic comedy. The updates are when-ever-the-artist-feels-like-it, but hey, the art is fantastic.

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    Back in the old days(5 or so years ago) I used to read a furry webcomic called "Two Kinds" It was really my introduction into the furry community. When I stopped reading it, it was about 500 pages, but I haven't checked it in yeeaarss.
    I'm actually thinking about looking it up again. Hopefully the artist didn't give up on it, because around the time I stopped (I finished what'd been published) the artist was having some difficulties.

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    Nope, they actually recently did a thing listing all the other comics that started around the same time and their statuses. It was shocking to see how many finished or died while that one's still going strong.

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    I've got several that I like. (I'll have to post just the links with the names, though, as I don't know how to fix the link so that you see the name rather than the actual link.)

    Anyway, one of them has an actual website where it's posted, and I think that the others are on DA and/or FA. The first that I mentioned is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one, set when the original Turtles are in their mid-thirties, and there's a fifth Turtle (the newbie of the team) named Renoir, and the others are My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ones.

    (There were also a couple of SWAT Kats ones out there, but I've kinda lost track of them over the past few years. I'll add them if I find them again, though.)

    (Same goes for the Biker Mice ones.)

    Anyway, here are my fave Web-Comics:

    MNT Gaiden by Tigerfog: Set in the near future when the original Green Teens are now in their thirties, and have been joined by a mysterious newcomer Turtle teen by the name of Renior:
    (You have to star with the Prologue, or else the whole 23 (so far) chapter story won't make a lick of sense.)
    (Actual website URL:

    The others, all My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ones, are as follows:

    Metal-Kitty's (DA)/Metal's (FA) MLP_Project Comic (doesn't really have a solid name (yet, anyway), but if it did, it would either be The Dark Crown, or Red Eclipse (the title of Chapter 3(/)), which is on both Deviantart and FurSAffinity:
    DA link:
    FA link:
    (Since FA doesn't have Gallery-folders like DA does, this is Page 1 of the comic. Just follow the links to read the rest of the comic, okay?)

    ArofaTamahn's Friendship is Magic: The Night the Magic Died:
    DA Link:
    FA Link:
    (Again, with the FA link for this, start at Page 1, then just follow the links to the other pages)

    joelashimself's MLP: The Forgotten Element:
    (Again, start at Page 1 of the Prologue, and follow the links to each page)

    GatesMcCloud's Cutie Mark Crusaders 10k:

    Aaaaaaand that's all that I can think of for now. If I run across any of my other favorites, I'll amend this post with them.

    So, til next time, enjoy.
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    Ooo webcomics! I've looked at some of the posts here, and I know GC has been linked to, but I don't know if the rest of these have. So I'll link my other favorites.

    First off, everyone should read Delilah Dirk. Once upon a time, the creator Tony Cliff had the entire first graphic novel available to read online. Now he's only offering the first couple chapters to encourage sales of the comic. I've read the whole thing, so in my opinion, if you like the first few chapters, you'll love the rest. Pro art, pro storytelling, awesome characters.

    I also love, love, love, love The Order of the Stick. I've never even played D&D, but this comic is still my favorite out there due to its strong story and compelling characters. I've followed it for years.

    My second favorite is probably Bad Machinery, by John Allison. The guy has a ton of comics all set in the same universe, and right now he's working on a spin-off arc called "Bobbins." The main comic, "Bad Machinery," focuses on a bunch of plucky British kids who solve mysteries.

    I also regularly follow Gunnerkrigg Court, Ava's Demon, Cucumber Quest, Earthsong, and Octopus Pie. I like GC and CQ, though I feel like they've been slow lately. Ava's Demon I follow for the gorgeous art, but the story isn't actually that interesting to me. Similarly, I still keep up with Earthsong even though it doesn't have my interest anymore; I just want to know what happens. I feel like we're so close to the end. And I hate all of the characters in Octopus Pie (except Marek, who is probably being Put on a Bus in this arc). But I'm hooked on this dumb comic! I have to know what happens to these unlikeable character augh >:|

    I also love Lackadaisy, but its the kind of comic I ignore for months due to its slow update schedule, and then I binge-read it when I remember it exists.

    I tried reading Homestuck several times in the past several years, but I could never get through the first arc (?) or develop any attachment to the characters. Everyone had always told me "wait until the 3rd arc" or whatever, but it's just too slow. I also have a sneaking suspicion that the window of enjoyment has closed (in other words, I'm probably too old for this comic by now).

    Anyway, now to dive into the rest of the thread to see if I can find any new comics to read!



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