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    I've had many different sleep patterns over the years. There were periods when I was an early bird, up at the crack of dawn every day, and I wasn't trying to, I just naturally woke up at that time. There were other periods when I was a night owl, staying up past midnight and having a hard time waking up in time for school.

    Right now, I go to sleep around midnight, and wake up around 9am. No work or school at the moment, so I don't need to be up by a certain time. I don't need it often, but sometimes I take over-the-counter sleeping pills.

    When I did have work/school, I had the same sleep schedule all week. I tend to wake up around the same time every day automatically, even if I didn't set an alarm. And if I do stay up late and sleep in, it's hard for me to get back to my regular schedule, so I try to avoid that.

    There was also one time in high school, when my schedule went like this: get home from school around 4pm, eat and go directly to sleep. Sleep from 5pm to around midnight, then I wake up and that's when my day starts. I didn't have to leave for school until 8am, so that's around 8 hours to eat, shower, do homework, and play.

    My mother didn't like it, but it worked really well for me. My favourite part was that I could sleep an extra hour or two if I needed to, and I wouldn't be late for anything, because there was this huge chunk of time between waking up and being time to go. The downside is that you can't have a social life with this schedule, but I was kind of antisocial at the time, so I didn't care. Also, when everyone else is asleep, you can do pretty much anything you want, provided you don't wake anyone.

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    I find I'm one of those rare 'morning' people. I don't always like getting out of bed, but should you need me up, I'll be up and awake.

    Also the heck is up with setting your alarm for 8:30 to be up for nine and your body going. " Oh, Eight thirty is get up time. Lets wake up half and hour before you need to be up."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinjo View Post
    Also the heck is up with setting your alarm for 8:30 to be up for nine and your body going. " Oh, Eight thirty is get up time. Lets wake up half and hour before you need to be up."
    This happens to you, too? I'm not alone!
    No matter what time I set my alarm for, I always wake up 15-30 minutes before the alarm and it kinda weirds me out. Maybe because my subconscious/internal clock notices that as I go to bed, as I set my alarm right there and then and expect it to go off when I wake up.

    ...And when I'm really tired, sometimes I sleep through that alarm. Oops. I am a deeeeeep sleeper.

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    Usually sleep at 3am wake around 2pm if not a little earlier (usually on and off around 6am~12pm). I don't need much sleep but I love to nap since I can put myself to sleep and sleep pretty anywhere, lol. I don't have a job anymore, though I could easily wake for it since it forced me up around the same time as school did about 5~6am? Had to be there about 8~9am (can't remember) and left around 3pm depending on my schedule (otherwise it was a 9 to 5). And the only meds I had that made me sleep or drowsy was allergy meds and some ADD/Anti-Depressants which I have ceased taking for a few years now.

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    What time do you normally go to sleep?
    When I'm not working, usually 5 or 6AM, sometimes later. I tend to sleep well into the afternoon some days, though sometimes I try to get up around noon so I can go out and bike. Now that I'm working, I sleep from 2 or 3AM until 8:30 or 9AM, get up, work, come home and nap a few hours. I've found that, when I'm working and getting a full night of deep sleep, I wake up feeling like a zombie. So two 4-5 hour naps leaves me feeling more like a human being.

    Do you go to sleep earlier during the week? Later on the weekends?
    Not really, I am usually doing stuff in the evenings with friends on the weekends, though. It all hinges on if I'm working at the time or not.

    Do you have a job? School? When you're not working or on summer break, does your sleep schedule often change?
    Like mentioned above, yeah, my schedule changes for work. As for school, I take online classes, so I don't have to worry about getting up to make it to class.

    Do you suffer from insomnia? If so, mild or extreme?
    Nope. Staying up late =/= insomnia. MY sleep schedule tends to just rotate. I'll have the night owl schedule for a few months, then I'll gradually start going to bed later and later in the morning and eventually, my schedule cycles around and I'm waking up at 7 or 8AM.

    Are you an early bird, or do you like to sleep in?
    I quite enjoy sleeping and I don't like waking up before I feel like rolling out of bed. When my natural schedule has me waking up early in the morning, I love it. But if I have to gt up that early otherwise, not so much.

    Have you ever had to take medication (over-the-counter or prescribed) to help you go to sleep before?
    Rarely, but most sleep meds knock me out really fast - especially stuff like NyQuil.
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    I'm usually in bed around midnight, and tend to sleep until about seven or so in the morning. Sometimes I get these "power naps" though where I lay down to go to bed and wake up an hour or so later fully energized. Other times, I'm exhausted and sleep way longer than I should.

    I get insomnia sometimes and the only meds I've taken to aid sleep was 5mg of melatonin and I only ever use it if I go through nearly a week of poor sleep. I've noticed that when I'm going through a bout of depression I tend to have worse sleep- but I've been told that's normal while working through one.

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    I sleep too much.
    Mainly because i find it REALLY hard to get up lately. I just don't want to move from bed. it's so warm and cozy and my room is chilly since it's a basement. So i usually end up sleeping anywhere from 8-10, even 12 hours sometimes, depending when i go to bed and if i work the next day.

    I have a job, i usually get out of bed like 30-10 minutes before I have to leave, even if i set an alarm for an hour or two early >..< But since i walk to work that gets me woken up by the time i get there.

    waking up in the mornings is completely wrong for me most of the time and if it was my choice I'd almost always wake up in the afternoon and go to bed in the early morning. that just doesn't work when you work at 10 in the morning in a small town though, aside from needing to be at work, nothing is open overnight.

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    I work nights so I usually sleep around 9am sometimes noon-ish if i can't sleep which can lead to me waking up right before getting ready again for work. Some people say I talk in my sleep but I don't believe them. lol

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    I go to sleep around 10 PMish and wake up at 4:30 My work hours start at 6 AM I suffer from insomnia and I've taken meds to go to sleep. I've pretty much figured out a routine now that doesn't involve me downing med's all the time. I also kick in my sleep and talk. My Girlfriend said that once she had a full convo with me about something really dumb.

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    my schedule changes depending on my customers timezones.

    i thought this was about sleep talking.

    cause if so, my fiancee talks to me whle he is sleeping, he willsay "i love you so much" with the slightest slurr.

    haa, but im mostly a nightowl



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