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    as someone with poor eyesight and an owner of the original 3DS

    I can say with certainty that the normal screen, while decent enough, suffers from its size. So much detail is lost in the eye squintingly small size of it all. Kid Icarus looks great, but it's hard to see it on the small screen.

    I will be getting a 3DSxL on launch. I will carry it the same way I carry my regular 3DS; in my messenger bag, and I will enjoy the larger screen with improved viewing angles (which has made the 3D More robust and easier on viewer's eyes). I will enjoy the longer lasting battery and the more comfortable design.

    the 3DS XL is amazing :3
    I like you.


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    i have a 3DS and love it so much. i am excited as so many rpgs are coming its way now vita is bombing in japan

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    Got a 3DS on release, so I got all of the ambassador games with it. Love the console, love the games. I don't really ever use the 3D though. The 3D effects are beautiful but it is hard on my eyes, plus I'd rather just play the game instead of getting eye candy.

    I like taking it around the few times I do go out to see if I can get any streetpasses. I surprisingly always get some when I'm at the grocery store, but none at the mall. I thought it would be the other way around.

    Swapnote is fun as hell, but I still can barely draw on the screen. Gotta use my tablet pen to get anything done on it.

    I really do need to play more games on it though. I've yet to beat Kid Icarus Uprising or Super Mario 3D Land. Beat Ocarina of Time though, but haven't tried Master Quest yet.

    I'm really excited for Animal Crossing 3DS. I can't wait to get stung by bees and cut down my friend's trees.

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    I've got a flame red one, but since my right eye's significantly weaker than my left I can't see the 3D. I probably wouldn't have used it anyway, but at least the games don't rely on it too much. Picked up Kid Icarus Uprising, Mario 3D Land, and Ridge Racer 3D and have been liking it so far. Looking to get Mario Kart 7 soon but don't know how active the online scene is anymore. Sucks being a late buyer I guess X3.

    Currently playing Ridge Racer 3D, though that may change to Theatrhythm Final Fantasy soon. That game looks pretty catchy.

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    At the time when I finally had decided to pick up a 3DS I got lucky that the place I bought it from still had the Zelda model. Most time so far spend on it must have been for Super Mario 3D Land followed by Mario Kart 7. Currently I've got Pokemon Conquest in there and a bunch of installed DSi/3DS ware.

    I'd say that while I do like the 3D I mostly do without it. Even with me using it for the biggest part when lying in bed it's just annoying to sit in just the right angle at all times. I've so far found that the 3D is only something of a wanted feature in SM3DL and at times Pullblox. For the rest it's slider down. And ofcourse having the 3D off plus energy saving mode on and brightness set to 3. That's a great way to greatly extend your 3Ds battery life on the go.



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