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    Copy righted characters

    Ok I know lot of people won't draw copy righted characters (or trade marked ones) cause of the legal hassle it could bring.

    But what if the person that has the copy right or trade mark on the character came to you for art, would you forgo your policy and do art for them?

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    Characters are intellectual property and are thus not copyright. copyright applies to a particular product or artwork, one would trademark characters, and while copyright material automatically has its rights, intellectual property does not automatically have the same protections as a full trademark.
    I bring this up because people dont really know the difference.

    As for the question. I don't do copyright, or trademarked material because with copyright it is literally against the law, and with other people's characters it's a dick move. If you own the copyright then no problem, if it's someone's trademark or character then no issue.

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    If they actually own the character then there’s no conflict.
    The owner has the right to grant license to anyone they wish.

    Use in Fan Art is usually allowed/tolerated by most provided you don’t offer it for public sale or depict something out of line for the character, but it’s best to check the Rights Holder’s policy on fan art before hand to avoid any hassles.
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