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    Suggestion: BBCode I would love to see implimented on Weasyl.

    code (this would allow you to display preformated text in a monospace font. Presently, it creates a box and inserts the text between the start and end codes that is the same text as before, and it STILL parses URLs)
    size (This would allow you to change the size of the font. It could have a maximum size, and be limited to journals, gallery, and scraps while being forbidden on comments and notes. Yes, there is the title code, but the size difference is rather minimal)
    list (this would allow you to make bulleted lists)
    table (this would be extremely useful for a lot of things, including making multi-column text. Again, it could be limited to journals, gallery, and scraps while being forbidden on comments and notes)

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    These are pretty basic BBCodes that I'd love to see implemented <3 I'm a little surprised that it isn't there already : o

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    Yea, it'd be nicer if there were more BBC tags for the site.

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    We're actually going to be implementing Markdown and getting rid of bbcode once and for all. This should fix all of the problems listed here, and more. Stay tuned, and buckle your seatbelts!

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    Any ETA on when Markdown will land? I _love_ Markdown and [i​]hate[/i] bbcode. :p

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    Will this be backwards-compatible? (I.e. convert them into Markdown automatically, or destroy all previous formatting?)

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    Yes! All BBCode will be translated to Markdown… soonish.



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