I was talking with several people I know from FA about Weasyl. There are many good things about this site and several are considering coming over and maintaining both a Weasyl and an FA account. I'm even thinking about getting a premium account to help out with the development here. That being said, one thing that virtually everyone did not like about the site was the prevalence of Mystery Meat Navigation in regards to image thumbnails when browsing. I tried searching and did not see anything mentioned in regards to this.

I can understand the benefits of just having the thumbnail visible in searches and galleries, it makes it possible to cram a lot of thumbnails into a small amount of space and minimize the amount of scrolling a user needs to do if all they are interested in is seeing a preview of an image. The problem is that most of the time I like to be able to see both the thumbnail and the title of a work when browsing.

This issue becomes even more acute on searches because not only do I want to see the title of a work, I want to be able to skim and see who the artist is as well without having to drag my mouse back and forth across the screen.

I don't know what it would take to code this in, but the solution is a relatively straightforward one. Add a "Toggle Descriptions" button so that people can decide if they just want to view the thumbnails in a compact interface or if they want to be able to see the title and the artist shown without having to mouse over. If you want to see what I mean, head over to FA and browse any gallery and you'll see the "Toggle Descriptions" button below the artists name. Granted FA doesn't really take advantage of the toggling by moving thumbnails closer together but that's besides the point. having this option in Weasyl would be a good thing to have IMHO

I have searched the site settings and see no option to enable non-MMN. If this option exists please let me know so I can pass it along to my friends and enable it myself.

Thanks to everyone who has put forth work to improve the site to what it is already.