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    D&D 4e pokemon homebrew beta testing?

    i was wondering if anyone around here would like to help me beta test some ideas i have about a pokemon themed D&D 4th edition set

    i was able to find a tabletop ruleset where u play as a trainer with different classes and stuff... but i think being the pokemon itself would be much more interesting!

    so far this is all the rules i have written down, was gona just ad-lib the rest and see where it goes since it is all beta testing not a hardcore campaign

    need 4 or more people, and if someone experienced in D&D DMing would like to try it with this they can, otherwise ill do it.

    to join leave a post here or msg me on weasyl or DA

    oh quick edit for a few basic rules
    no legendaries
    no characters that would make other players feel uncomfy(flirty gender swaps and the like)
    cant start as an evolved form
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