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    Cheap Tablets?

    I'm not sure if this is where this goes or not, but I have a question for all of you artists who use/have used a tablet before; What's the best tablet under 150 dollars you have ever used? I have a Monoprice, which cost around ninety dollars on top of shipping, and I can honestly say that I hate it. I'm trying to get an Intuos4, but that plan isn't quite working out that well. :c
    So, what's your favorite brand of tablet that you've used? Does it work well? What do you like about it?

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    Wacom Bamboo. Works fantastic and the few issues I've had are easy to fix.
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    I'd always go with Wacom. I agree with Flynn, a Wacom Bamboo tablet would probably by your best bet right now. I don't own one but I've heard a lot of positive comments on it from my friends that own Bamboo tablets. I personally have had two tablets, both Intuos3. They are incredibly resilient and overall nice quality. But watch out for the Intuos4, from what I've heard there were some legit technical problems going on with it (someone correct me if I'm wrong). If you do ever want an Intuos I'd recommend either skipping 4 and going straight to 5, or if a 5 is too expensive go down and get a 3.

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    For under 150 I would say your best bet is a wacom bamboo. They're decent starter tablets, you just need to realize that the quality of the intuos is by and far better than the fun tablets by bamboo, so it's worth saving up for.

    I personally haven't had issue with my intuos 4 except the usb port got a bit borked after some really heavy use over time. That and sometimes it was finicky with Sai, but that was more Sai's fault than anything. I have a 5 right now and it's pretty fantastic.

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    If you want an Intuos, get a 3. The surface of the 3 is a lot better and doesn't wear down like the 4 and 5, and it's probably cheaper. But the Bamboo is a perfectly suitable tablet for a good price, I know plenty of good artists who use one!

    I also recommend Frenden's tablet reviews:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bri Mercedes View Post
    If you want an Intuos, get a 3. The surface of the 3 is a lot better and doesn't wear down like the 4 and 5, and it's probably cheaper. But the Bamboo is a perfectly suitable tablet for a good price, I know plenty of good artists who use one!
    Seconding an Intuos3 if you can find one used for a good price. I love mine

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    I've had my wacom bamboo for about 5 years now... never had a problem with it! I think back then, it was about $100.

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    Wacom for sure, I use a Bamboo Capture and works flawlessly. Highly reccomended

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    Veering away from the Wacom crowd (though their tablets are top notch, don't get me wrong), I was gifted a Monoprice tablet back in April (for my birthday) and it has been so amazing.

    I have this one: Monoprice MP1060-HA60 Graphic Drawing Tablet, which is 6x10 (about the size of an intuos) and is less than $80 (i think the bamboo's run around eighty?). Previously, I used a Wacome Graphire tablet, which is the predecessor to the Bamboo tablets. It was a small 4x5 thing and it served me well for over ten years. It still works to this day, as well.

    Transitioning from a small tablet to one the size of the Monoprice was amazing. It was so great not to feel to cramped with my drawing and to be able to make big, sweeping lines and sketch more loosely and naturally. I have absolutely zero complaints with it when it comes to drawing. I will admit that, on Windows, the drivers have been fiddly and I've had to re-install them a couple times. But I think that's more an issue on my end, because I frequently unplug the tablet and take it in to work and my laptop is also about four years old. The Mac at my workplace works flawlessly with the Monoprice tablet and the Mac drivers are probably better and more sensitive than the Windows ones. Also, the pen uses a battery (wacom pens do not), but it's a AAA and I think mine came with one. It also comes with extra nibs for the pen. I don't feel the weight of the battery is an issue, the pen feels good in my hand and it doesn't affect my drawing at all. It also comes with a little stand for the pen and it's recommended that you keep the pen on that or upside down/on its side, because tapping the nibs will activate the pen and drain the battery.

    This was my initial review upon first using the tablet, if that helps, as well. It's a really great and inexpensive option for a tablet. I consider it on par with an Intuos.
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    Ah uh I would not get an Intuos3 actually. It's a very old model now, and thus its software is out of date. The Bamboo, or as it's now known, the Intuos line has the same software inside of it, and it's no doubt a lot cheaper.
    What's in the Intuos3 is no longer the professional standard stuff, so there's no point paying extra just cause of the branding, as that's what's keeping the price high.

    The Intuos4/5/Pro is of course super expensive, but you could try getting a Huion.

    It has the same pressure sensitivity as the intuos pro, 2048, as well as the same LPI, 5080, so there won't be any shakiness or anything like that. It's actually a little bigger than an intuos pro medium, so that's good news for your wrists.
    It doesn't have touch features though, and I don't think the pen recognises tilt. But to be honest touch is more of a nuisance than anything, and I've never used tilt.

    In other words, it has the same specs as an Intuos Pro, but not the hefty price tag or the fancy frilly bits. It's certainly worth checking out at least!

    If you decide it's not for you though I would get a bamboo/intuos as they are very good tablets.



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