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    I've never actually done a group RP. I will occasionally 1:1 RP, but a general lack of people to do it with prevents it.

    well, that's a lie. When I was young (read: 10 holy crap that's a long time ago) I was part of a website that had a few RP threads, and it was fun. A bit difficult to keep up on, but I don't remember much of it. They were long winded and confusing. May try it again...eventually..

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    The only group RP that ever really took off in my experience was on a forum of close knit Parashi fans and the entire RP came to a crashing halt when one person stopped posting. We were all waiting on his characters to do something but he just like vanished and we couldn't continue!

    Then you have my one on one RP that's been going on for 4-5 years is 770 Word pages and is being edited into a novel for publishing.

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    I prefer one on one roleplays, preferably through messaging. I did a lot of this on Wajas a few years ago, and it helped me become the writer I am today. ^^
    What I usually do, I don't like to take charge of the roleplay, so I try to ask my partner if they have any ideas we can go through and if we can work something out to keep this thing going. I would do this during roleplay, like in OOC parentheses, so it keeps going while we get ideas going.
    I only have 2 EXTREMELY long roleplays I've done before, and I read them from time to time just for fun. x3

    And I used to do the group Warriors roleplays, on little proboards websites. Those were fun, but I couldn't keep up half the time. x.x



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