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    Quote Originally Posted by dischimera View Post
    Not trying to argue against your friend but I watched close to 200 episodes of One Piece. So far, I thought it wasn't that great. It had its moments, but I'd say 4/5 of the episodes were either boring or embarrassing.
    The arcs are extremely repetitive, the drama is really forced, and every one of the arcs seemed to have these long borefests before Luffy screams the main villain's name and the final battle begins.. which usually involves Luffy surprising the guy, then being a punching bag for 3~4 episodes, then doing something crazy/funny in the process of getting back at him.
    Then there's the constant "MY NAKAMAAA" in the anime. It seems to be repeated even more often than in Saint Seiya.

    Luffy is supposed to be funny but half the time the jokes are the same. Someone is explaining something to Luffy, the camera changes and the guy is going hay r you listen to me!!!!!!! while Luffy is shown doing something else. It got old after the 3rd time they did it. There's also the predictable "Oh noes bad guy is here let's be polite to him" turn abouts. Yep... Luffy is about to do the opposite 'cause he's so unpredictable lel.

    Before I begun my friends told me it would get good at episode 50. It didn't. So they told me it would get better at episode 150. It didn't. Then they told me it would get better once I was done with the next arc two arcs from where I stopped... So at this point I decided I won't bother with One Piece unless I have nothing else to watch or do.
    I also hated the news the author meant to finish the series earlier, gladly accepted to stretch it, and bullshits about already having the conclusion set. I seriously doubt he has any real idea what he should do about the One Piece itself at this point, just because the expectations are beyond infinity thanks to 1000+ chapters of story.
    I think the only reason I'm going to bother watching much more of it is to see some character development and finally get to see Tony Tony Chopper. I can appreciate some shows for being... tropish and silly. Just not sure if this is one. The "boss" battles have been getting on my nerves already so I'm not sure how long I'm going to last with this one. Captain Kuro was terrible and made me feel badly for liking cats. How dare he. At least Soul Eater was a shorter series. (Black Star AKA Narutard reject needs to die in a fire and stay dead forever.)

    And please, argue and make offense against my friend. Please. He deserves it. He just wants to fangirl while having a friend know what the hell he's talking about. What does he fangirl over? Being a pervert about cartoon characters.
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    I've been watching this crazy ass anime titled Gantz. It's actually really good once you get past the fanservice and the gore.



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