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    Hello, Aquin from FA

    Hey guys, many of you probably know me. I migrated here from FA since a lot of folks moved. I decided i needed some change and i wanted to give Weasyl a shot.

    I am not an artist, but i do commission sometimes either of my character or fanart.

    I try to be open minded and easy to get along with. I am heavily into the paranormal, gaming (racing, rpg and adventure), billiards and cars.

    Music wise i love anything different and out there, namely metal and electronic music.

    Not very good at introductions as i used to be, lots of things going on irl to cause this, xd.

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    Welcome! Grab a chair. Make yourself comfy.

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    Thanks, im thinking about making a contribution soon. Not sure just yet.

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    Welcome! I remember you
    We all have our demons. If we're not fighting them, then we've befriended them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleu View Post
    Welcome! I remember you
    Hey there, i do know ya a bit from FA! Nice to see familiar faces.



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