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    My friends and I used to be way into RP. We've down fan-fiction roleplays, like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Pokemon Colosseum/ XD (The XD one was so awesome and fun!). Back on an RP site, we did a few other stories. We did a Junkyard Dogs roleplay that lasted a good, long time. I also liked one that we did where humans were gone and the animals in a particular zoo were able to break free and explore the human world on their own- it may sound lame but the characters that people created for this roleplay made it insanely fun and gave us a lot of room for creativity.

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    There's this, which is a reboot of something that goes way way way (think years; close to a full decade) back with me and a couple friends.

    It's funny because in the beginning, the GM (one of my friends) took character ideas and even some appearances from art by big artists, but added his own twists to the actual characters to the point that they were entirely seperate from what he used to make them.

    Of course, the version I linked omits a whole ton of random shit and "slice of life" stuff that we did while insanely bored and bereft of any significant plot ideas that actually made any sense in relation to the overall story whatsoever, and isn't anywhere close to complete (just now about to close off the first of seven chapters).

    The universe itself is huge -- spans an entire solar system, if not galaxy (no idea what he has planned for the actual amount of content) and features tons of individually made and characterised NPCs, which is something he seems to be insanely good at doing despite having complained in the past that it was hard.

    As for description; it's set in the 82nd century on "Earth 2" (it's explained why in an RP in the same canon set five thousand years earlier on Earth), and the predominant theme is rebelling against this huge, monolithic corporation of assassins that controls the whole RP universe. My main character (I'll eventually have three in this) is a former employee who defected when he realised how he got there. He's initially "dead" (there's a race of sapient undead known as Fallen Angels), but he resumes control of his 'living' (a mostly robotic anthro wolf) body after killing the one who killed him.
    Meanwhile, in #CoE...

    [20:12:26] <+Dark> "He's dead, Jim."
    [20:14:11] <Nate|phone> My name's not Jim
    [20:14:20] <Nate|phone> And Starr's not a guy
    [20:15:18] <Nate|phone> ...
    [20:17:20] <+Cerberus> And Shadow's not a callgirl.
    [20:17:52] <+Dark> LOL

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    I typically RP as canon characters from established series, but I have a fair number of OCs I've created cor varying fandoms and things I've messed about with, and I'm currently DMing a homebrew tabletop setting where I have fun tossing in some of them.

    I'm pretty fond of the Naruto universe in particular; lots of background info to draw from. Also messed around in Pokemon, some Fairy Tail, and a slew of others. I joined a Kingdom Hearts RP a while back that was fun while it lasted too.

    Sort of bums me out a bit that Rpers don't seem to be 'really' active here on Weasyl, but oh well.



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