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    fluffy reporting in

    Apparently I can't do anything to edit my forum profile until I have at least one post of at least 140 characters long, like some sort of anti-Twitter. Weird.

    I'm not new to Weasyl (I joined a while ago) and I'm not new to the forum but I haven't had anything to say, really. But the forum emailed me to remind me that I have the account that I should post on. So, I'll just continue to pad this post out for the maximum tedium possible.

    I'm not to be confused with other folks who go by 'fluffy,' especially if they go by 'Fluffy.' You might know me from other sites as 'plaidfluff.' For some reason people confuse username with actual-name. So I try to register the name 'fluffy' everywhere.

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    Hi fluffy!
      Welcome to Weasyl!  ☀



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