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    Copy and Paste Keyword Entry ability Please?

    Any chance we can get the keyword area to accept a copy and paste transfer of multiple keywords? As it stands you have to type out each one, and it can be really time consuming to do that. Especially if we are uploading more than one thing at a time.

    Also any word on when Groups will be available? Groups are really awesome over on Deviantart and are a resource that is very valuable and helpful to me as an artist. It helps in so many ways!

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    I just was about to post a forum thread on the exact same issue. I post my work on multiple art sites (given the new nature of weasyl, I think most of its users do the same), and it's a huge pain filling out all this stuff as it is. Copying and pasting is a handy way to make this less time consuming. Weasyl is the only one with this problem though. I've got to jump through hoops for every website to upload my work, but taking out this loop would really help me and other artists.



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