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    art studies tiring?

    i'm kind of posting this as a question, i want to know if a lot of artists experience this.

    when i do art studies, like life drawing, anatomy and such, i notice that it really really taxes me mentally and leaves me feeling really tired.

    i'm not whining or complaining or saying it's too hard, i just notice it about myself. no matter what mood i'm in, and even if i'm having a lot of fun with the studying, it's always very tiring.

    i pretty much HAVE to drink coffee thruout my studies to keep going.

    i know drawing is a mental activity, maybe it's just a lot more mental work than i would expect....

    so do any other artists have this problem? pretty much need a steady flow of caffeine to get thru studies?

    it's not so much when i draw things free hand, it's when i'm studying anatomy and life drawing.

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    This happens to me quite a bit. In my opinion, it's just not interesting enough. Maybe if you add some extra stuff to keep you focused or even take a break from it.

    Basically it's like your brain is cramping and you need to relax it for a while to get yourself ready to go back into working.
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    Helps me to listen to music or podcasts while I do my studies.

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    Well, I've never had to deal with art school and I've only been to a handful of college art classes, but I can say for certain that if I'm working on a piece that calls for extensive references, such as for anatomy, perspective, environments and the like, it can be very mentally draining, often requiring frequent breaks to keep me focused. Even if the piece in question features subjects or themes that I adore, I can still get tired. I'm like Tigercouger above me; music is great for my continued flow of creativity and energy. I actually avoid excessive caffeine like the plague when I'm working on most art, personal or otherwise, since it makes me uncomfortably jittery and affects my normally steady and coordinated hands.

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    All I can say is keep soldiering through it, it will become easier with practice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArcheKruz View Post
    All I can say is keep soldiering through it, it will become easier with practice.
    Pretty much! Art study/life drawing is a lot like exercising a muscle; your brain will tire out from it. If you keep up at it and do nice short, regular studies it will come more naturally and be less taxing.

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    I will say that lately working on art that earlier in the year would've pissed me off ("How the hell do I DO this?!!") I now find easy going - and when I come across something I don't know now, I view it as an interesting challenge. Your knowledge on how to make art builds with every picture you draw, and the more knowledge you have, the less you fry your brain figuring out how to draw something. So I guess my advice is, be consistent with your studies - but don't rush, and take breaks to draw fun stuff when you feel the need.



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