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    Definitely Art in general, calm and quiet days at home. Nostalgic movies.

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    Simply playing video games or interacting with people who're decent.

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    things that make me happy.. hmm.. rpgs (usually old ones, though.. newer games have these weird graphics that mess with my photosensitivity), fluffy fuzzy stuff (must pet all the things), watching movies while working on art, laughing about stupid stuff with my family (and believe you me... we are an amazing source of our own entertainment!), dolls... haha! I always think that sounds funny, but I collect BJDs and a friend of mine collects antique dolls.. one in particular she was told by the ancestor of the original creator that the doll was too 'heavy', and she is sure that during WWII that the doll belonged to a family trying to cross borders. Families would hide valuables up inside of the doll's heads and sew them up. She said it is how her own mother smuggled their valuables. She is in the process of finding someone willing to scan it so we can see inside without ruining the doll

    On that note... fun real-life history like that also makes me happy. I love finding all kinds of tidbits about objects that have seen the world.

    Mostly what makes me happy is just being able to relax, laugh and not stress about things. It is hard for me sometimes, but it is the most amazing feeling of them all.

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    I live in a big city, and the main thing that makes me happy is when I feel like I'm the farthest away from it. It be be either when I go somewhere quiet and grassy. I love it when the air smells clear. When you live in a place like Mexico City, it can be something that feels rare. I also get really happy when I feel like I've accomplished something; like doing something that was considered hard or very challenging. I'm not the kind who says they love a challenge, but honestly the feeling you get after it just feels great. Although in the general pleasures, I get happy with either listening to or playing music, drawing, or reading.

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    like vix above me, i too live in a big city. london is maybe one of the nicer cities in the world, but it doesn't stop me hating it so.

    before i lived here, i'd never seen a fox before. they're everywhere here. all i have to do is walk 2 minutes down the road to the park at night and sit on a bench for a minute or so, and i'm guaranteed to see at least one. pretty much every night i'm not playing a gig, i go outside and watch them play with eachother, eat or do whatever.

    one evening i was sat in my usual bench and one fox approached me. it was about 6 feet away and started dancing around me like it wanted attention. i sat as still as i could and it came right up to me feet and started to playfully nibble on my shoes and jeans while looking right at me.

    i can't begin to describe how happy this made me.

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    Lots of things make me happy. Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens... but seriously, nice people, someone to hug when it's cold, nautiluses... nautilusi... whatever the plural form of nautilus is, lol. Also musicals; oh my how I love musicals.

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    The only things that make me happy are video games, music, sweets (especially Lindt chocolate), and sleeping. I would have added drawing, but most of the time that just causes me to be frustrated instead of relaxed. Then again, I have a hard time relaxing in general. :I

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    My friends
    My cats
    Awesome art
    Awesome writing
    and cheesy music

    -The Gneech

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    A cup of hot tea and a blanket when it's raining and windy outside.
    It's just really fun to bundle up and hear the rain on your window when you know you don't have to go outside.



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