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    "All art is quite useless."


    The reason I want to write this message is to confirm a theory involving a sentence of one of the most celebrated playwrights of the United Kingdom: Oscar Wilde.

    What I wish to disclose from my head about this writer is one reason of why I think he ends The Preface of his book The Portrait of Dorian Gray with the phrase: "All art is quite useless." These are words that can be somewhat saddening and bitter for some people, but I have devised a theory (which I personally think is pretty constructive) that can dispel some of the confusion that Wilde injects into our minds to prepare us before reading his most recognized novel, theory which I will now relate below:

    We all know that art has many forms of expression such as music, painting and writing, and we know that every artist uses various techniques to "trap" an idea or feeling either in notes, words or colors. However, as the inspiration comes from a myriad of media, no matter how much we want to translate that idea into the real world, it will never be the same as we saw, thought, or heard it at first in our head, which makes us want to create more stuff trying to come to some kind of enlightenment whilst we endeavor more and more to immortalize the source of our inspiration.

    This is the reason why I believe that several artists take a chance to use several different art forms and materials: as given by singers who wish to draw or writers who suddenly want to sing. Seeking a medium that is the most correct to soothe the mental itch that keeps them emotionally sleepless.

    This is where I think a number of people say that art is useless because one never stops creating, because one will never fill a canvas or a writing of the same idea either because one can't come up with the correct words or gets tired because it becomes so tedious.

    However, I think the reason has to do with the idea for which the artist creates in the first place...

    You see, everything an artist does is simply find a way to make an idea fit in some form of expression and try that the idea is recognized at the time in which the creation reaches the spectator. And well, it is at this moment when the art does the job of just keeping the idea or thought that is now in the lives of the audience, leaving the art itself as a cocoon or empty shell hollow and with no purpose at all.

    Because the artist does not use art to reach the audience, he uses his ideas. The art is nothing more than a form of expression which on it's own, without ideas or colors, cannot exist, but the ideas and feelings do not have to exist in order to be beautiful. A small reason which I think is why sometimes artists keep certain works for themselves in secret, or burn them to avoid them from existing in hands other than their own.

    In part, I also began to ponder "Well, what about nature?" but I remembered that roses, sky and birds are already beautiful, and do not need anything to be seen as something unimaginable or beautiful, they just are.

    I'm not a man of high culture or anything like that, but I am very creative and I think this theory could be useful for some people. And I'd really like to hear the opinion of people to see if my theory is reasonable and to corroborate if what I say is not just absurdities.

    Thank you.

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    Did you mean this theory in regards to Dorian Gray specifically, or in general to everyone?

    So far as Dorian Gray is concerned I don't really think you hit the mark. In regards to people in I'm not so sure.

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    Art isn't useless. Take science fiction writing for instance. The imagination of people like Juiles Verne, Arthur C. Clarke, and Gene Roddenberry influenced generations of people. Hell, we now have a theoretical warp drive in the works that would take us to the nearest star in two weeks. How is that not inspired from Star Trek? Scientists, free thinkers, and multitudes of other people see these worlds through the pages of others and it inspires them to make our world a better place.

    I'm not a literary major and I have never read Dorian Gray. I know what the story is about but that's it. What I do know is that while art can show beauty on a breath taking level it can also be a medium that can make us better as a species on this little blue ball that we are floating on in this sea called the cosmos.
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