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    Hi there!

    Hi all! I don't know why I'm not already a member here--this kind of website is something I've been looking for for AGES! I found this place by searching for a really weird thing actually, lol--a silly app called Derby Days where you can breed these cute horse sprites with a MILLION different variations and such. I was hoping to find a whole forum on this silly game, but instead I found an AWESOME ART FORUM THAT I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR FOREVER! Lol. I started out on the internet a billion years ago (ok, more like 12 or so years ago) on The Furry Forum (though I don't really consider myself a 'furry' per-se, though my art is STRICTLY animals/creatures). I started out roleplaying and stuff on MUCKs and MUDs and forums; now I spend some time on SecondLife (because you can MAKE ANYTHING there, which I love, though I do think some aspects of SL are weird or whatever).

    Anyway long story short, I'm a sculptor; graduated last year from School of Visual Arts in NYC with a degree in Illustration. I sculpt mainly horses and horse-creatures n stuff. my site is here:

    EDIT: Wellll I tried to post my other art links and stuff but it wouldn't let me, so I'll show you guyz later <333

    Happy to be here!!!

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    Welcome to the site! Interesting way to find it lol
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    Hi Domnopalus!
    Quote Originally Posted by Domnopalus View Post
    I don't really consider myself a 'furry' per-se, though my art is STRICTLY animals/creatures
    No problems there, this isnít a genre specific site (although there are allot of furries on it) and your works are more than welcome here.

      Welcome to Weasyl!  ☀



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