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    Quote Originally Posted by Kasune View Post
    I hope this is 100% related to books? Kind of is.
    I found out I'm getting a Kindle Fire for my birthday, and I'm EXTREMELY excited. I've wanted a small library of books in my own house but ebooks are less expensive... and take up less space, haha.
    I'm really happy. I think the first books I'll buy for the kindle fire are the Hunger Games series.
    Lucky, lucky! I want a Kindle Fire, but I either have to wait to buy it myself or for Christmas, though the former might happen sooner.
    >_< I have no room for a new bookshelf and I'd like to have tons and tons of reading material on hand.

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    Currently perusing the Anarchist's Cookbook, because one of my local libraries has it for some reason. And I just can't pick a favorite, please don't make me ;0; Up there on the list though would have to be the more *ahem* adult versions of the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson, Where the Wind Blows, and the Lake House. They seem to be books I can never get tired of. Also, the Harry Potter series, and anything written by Lewis Carroll are bound to be pretty high up there on the list. Hard to find though they are, the novel versions of Trinity Blood (RAM, ROM) are a tidy read for fans of the manga (the anime was awful). If manga counts, chalk me up for Deathnote as well!

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    I'm 90% done with my poker review for the con, but not confident in my abilities right now.

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    I haven't read any book since Kant in October, hee ho!



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