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    Looking for art!

    Unfortunately, no i can't pay an artist money..Or I would.
    But i'm still looking for someone to at least attempt to draw my character as an anthro at a rave party. Glowsticks, glow rings..dancing, the whole thing. I've always loved pictures like that ^..^

    Only picture is the one I have set as my profile picture...Reference below.

    Species: Frost Dragon (Aspect)
    Personality/Mannerism: Extremely friendly, very shy to new people,
    Based off of myself. Kind, polite, very affectionate,
    Loves to have fun, Rave lover!~
    Height: Doesn't matter at all, just not micro, nor macro.
    Colors: His eyes are blue. His overall body color is the color of an iceburg,
    kind of white/kind of blue. He does have scales, though will only ask
    for scales if a detailed artist.
    Dimensions, i think..: Everything is proportional to his body.
    Additions to the body:Iruuka has a row of small spikes that run
    across the bottom of his face (will supply a reference picture)
    A sort of webbed liked spiking that goes from the back of his neck down to his
    back, where the webbing stops, but the spikes continue down his back,
    gradually getting smaller until they reach his tail, where the end at
    the end of his tail, The spikes, blackish blue, a tad faded.
    Has a beautifully strong, long, sleek and slender tail. Not all skinny and
    Will provide a reference picture ^_^
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    Its likely best to post links to the references so people know what they might be getting to ahead of time.
    . . . Just saying.

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    Well, actually, the only reference picture I have is my profile picture at the moment. It was made for me a while ago, and it's Feral. The only other type of reference i have is a reference document i typed up, which would be fairly easy to just..paste. I would right now, but I don't have access to my computer till later. Using a separate one at the moment. Though i will...Thanks for the advice.



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