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    thinking of making a public anthro 3D model

    im trying to learn some more advanced things in Maya with making character rigs, and to do that i need to actually make one! Since the main thing i wanted was choices, I was thinking a anthro/furry rig would fit that could swap out different animals(like a canine head to a feline and such)

    I was thinking this could become something neat, but theres no point wasting time making it great and have nobody use it when i learn just as much from making it bare bones mediocre.

    so thats what this thread is for, a poll

    i will
    -make the rig
    -make it accessible for free
    -make a decent tutorial of how to get it and a free modeling program
    -probably make a quick tutorial of the very basics of that program if i cant find a decent one

    if you
    -use it
    -tell me ur using it
    -make me feel like i didnt waste my time
    -possibly make custom skins for it if you are good in digital art, but you dont have to


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    I wouldn't say it's a waste of time even if no one appreciates or uses it, it could be a learning experience in itself.
    You could also end up using the rig in the future, maybe some one else will?

    However if you're learning- for it's own sake the choice is really yours.
    If you think nothing will come of the process then it might be best to scrap this idea-

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    Does it matter if people will use it, though? If you enjoy doing 3D stuff, there's a good project to keep you occupied and hone your skills. If you don't enjoy it, don't do it. That's my view, anyway.

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    theres a huge difference between making lots of simple models for practice and making one complex rig with sliders and descriptions etc.
    a good example would be like the difference between making 5 different pictures of characters, or making a flash program of one character with a signs by it saying "click the head to change hair/body/clothes" and it cycles through 5 different presets.
    if nobody ever bothers to click on it, you spent a lot of time working in code and logistics to make it all work when you could have just put that effort into making even more pictures and making one crappy test to actually learn how to do the cycling
    i could model a stick figure and changing a slider turns its head from a circle into a square instead of spending hours making a character model where its head changes from a wolf head to a bunny, you learn the same, but one is so much easier than the other
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