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    Consistency as a basis of judgement (let's debate)

    When giving a critique of a book (or any piece of media, really), I find the consistency of the work to be an important factor in deciding the quality

    In regards to an anthology, which would you rather: tonal consistency or thematic consistency? (tonal consistency being where there is a set tone of the work, and the several stories within use different themes to explore this tone, and thematic consistency being a work that explores recurring themes with variance in tone)

    what do you guys thing

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    Thematic consistency for me. My favorite anthology is one filled with both funny stories and serious ones. I'll admit though that the more serious stories left the best impression.

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    For me I think the critical aspect would be whether any variations present feel 'natural' or essentially arbitrary. Which is probably equivalent to saying that excellent authors (and for an anthology, editors,) can get away with anything whereas others should probably be more careful.

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    I agree with Onnes. In general I like thematic anthologies, so long as the theme itself is broad enough to be explored well. I don't want to read 10 stories about the same thing, however I don't read anthologies for the same tone. The thing of it is, excellent writers (an editors) are able to manipulate both. My fave anthologies have a shifted tone and shifted theme. It flows naturally so you don't notice so much.

    Neil Gaiman I think is a good reference. He has a few anthologies out where the linking factor is, he wrote it, but whoever is in charge of that put it together well so it all flowed naturally despite theme and tone difference.



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