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    Cannot browse older journals on Browse page.

    Under the "Browse Content" category on the main site, I can't browse older journals. I've checked other sections of the Browse page, and the submission and character Browse pages seem to function as normal when clicking the "back" and "next" buttons. This issue only seems to persist on the "More Journals" page.

    Clicking the "next" button results in the newest journal page reloading instead of loading older journals. The URL will change from to, but all of the journals remain the same.

    Even more strangely, clicking "back" seems to load a page of the very first journals that were available on the site in early 2012, labelled as, if that helps anything.

    [And as an additional note, while I"m thinking about it, why call the buttons "back" and "next" buttons on the Browse pages? I would think "older" and "newer" would make more sense for browsing? I've clicked the wrong buttons multiple times while roaming about, and I just believe it would be clearer to label them "older" and "newer", instead of "back" and "next".]

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    a fix for this should land tomorrow.

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    oops, forgot to reply again in this thread. fix deployed!



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