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Thread: Stolen Art...

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    Stolen Art...

    I had a bag containing my art supplies and my sketchbook taken at a convention early this month. (It was not turned in to any lost and found and I contacted everyone we roomed with / worked with in case they packed it by mistake and it's nowhere, I can only conclude it was stolen.)

    I've replaced my supplies but I'm of course rather emotionally attached to the book containing hours of my creative energy and time that I can't replace. I doubt I will ever see it again, but if you can, please be on the lookout for the drawings you can see here:

    If they turn up on an auction site, or if you see someone at a con with them, etc, please let me know.

    And public service announcement - everyone may seem all friendly and helpful at a con, but that doesn't mean you can get lax on watching your stuff and assume everyone will be honest. Don't learn it the hard way like I did!

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    I'm sorry this happened to you. Indeed, even the person who puts on the friendliest face may be the one to snatch something precious to you. Cheap sons of <blank>. ALWAYS account for the whereabouts of your belongings.



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