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    Well hi! Dragon artist person thing here!

    I suppose I've been on here long enough, but I may as well throw a post on here since I haven't done it yet! So how are the weasyl folk doing?

    So far I haven't made any real stretch to make any friends here, so if you're interested I'm right over here.

    I tend to draw anthro dragons quite a bit since well..they're my favorite thing to draw! I could honestly afford to draw more fandom stuff and I could draw actual fluffybutts. Anyways I hope we become friends and all!

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    Hi Katuro!
      Welcome to Weasyl!  ☀

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    Hey there, Katuro! Welcome to Weasyl and hooray for more dragon pictures. :3 Keep working at it, hang out, chat with the furs, and DFTBA.



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