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    (SUGGESTION) Commission Review/Feedback/Reputation system

    I did a quick skim to see if anyone had mentioned anything to this effect before, and I couldn't come up with anything so that means either it's a new idea, a terrible one, or an impractical one. Even if it falls into the latter categories, I think it couldn't hurt to have a discussion to this effect anyway.

    On both DA and FA, it's not hard to find journals posted by distraught commissioners who've gotten scammed out of their money with no way of recovering it, only to find out later they aren't the first or only person to not get what they paid for. Maybe they received their purchase months after the deadline, or the quality wasn't what was originally agreed upon, or they never received anything at all. I've been longing for some kind of system that would allow commissioners and commissionees to give a public, anonymous review that would be easily viewable on their profile so that anyone looking to do business with an individual would be able to easily see their reputation and history without having to search the "Artist Beware" pages out there.

    To hate bombing (someone unpopular getting spammed with bad reviews), a mutual "review ticket" would be opened between the two parties doing business for them to complete after the transaction has been fufiled and both parties have received either money, art, or craft... or a lack of. It'd have something to the effect of Timeliness, Quality, and Customer Service and then an overall satisfaction rating for the commissioner and probably just timeliness for receiving payment from the commitionee.

    The major issues I could see arising would be sock puppeting with additional accounts to improve a reputation score, which could possibly be offset a bit by making it a thing where you have to have a verified two week old account to use the review system. The other major issue I could forsee would be drama, but I'm pretty sure there'd naturally be drama anyway if someone wasn't fulfilling their obligations, and they'd probably already be all over the person's shout section with far nastier things than just an anonymous 1/10 satisfaction score.

    Even if something like this is too complicated or problematic to implement, there just has to be a better option to the one-sided burn-book style reviews on live journal, lengthy "background checks", and a way to more quickly stop repeat scammers who constantly burn through accounts as their shout section gradually fills up with angry comments that can easily be missed by someone not knowing where to look to see someone's reputation.

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    Rating systems are inherently difficult to enforce.

    If you restrict ratings to members who've had accounts for x-days, a large proportion of members will never use the feature as they won't realize the feature exits. (If something isn't slap bang in the face of the average user, they'll never notice it. Eg, tag filtering).

    The only real filtering that could be done would be through constant IP checks and restricting the number of registrations from an IP, though that could ring up a lot of false positives, and waste a lot of resources and time.

    Metacritic is a really good example of when rating systems don't work. People have lost their jobs based on it's dodgy ratings because the way people's reviews and opinions influence it. There's no surefire way to ensure that a group of haters won't wreck any system.

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    I'm personally not for such a review system for the very reason that it can be easily abused.

    My feeling is that everyone who commissions art from another user should always try to be mindful of who they are giving their money to. There are sites out there which have exposed scammers or people who generally do not provide a good commission experience. Someone looking to commission an artist can always try contacting other people who've commissioned an artist for a personal review.

    This is just my personal opinion on it however. Thanks for the suggestion.

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    I like this idea and it has been an important part of other communities or sites I have bought things from people on, a very successful example being ebay. I like knowing what people's past experiences have been with someone and I like knowing if an artist (or customer) that I am thinking of working with is going to be hard to work with.

    I am not for these being anon, as this is what can cause problems. If you are displeased enough with working with someone that you should feel the need to let others know, there's no reason not to put your name on it. Being anon leads to trolling and too much inhibition and not enough thought.

    As long as it doesn't all add up to some sort of number or star rating (also a bad idea), I have see this work many times in many places and it is a valuable tool for people to have. Especially when dealing with multiple names across multiple sites, where artist beware (also a successful rating site) might not be inclusive or well known enough.



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