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    OKAY anyone up for some 1x1's

    I figure since I think I was one of the people vouching for this special subforum for RP searches I should like

    Make a thread in it

    So yeah as I said in the other thread here, I mostly do 1x1 RPs rather than groups, and I do multi-paragraph style. I've been known to write 1,000 word introductory posts and the more that's happening in the plot, the more I tend to write on a given post. I've spent... Most of my RPing time on Gaiaonline (and actually it's a really great place to find RP partners and friends I've met all my best peeps there), under which I can be found with the username Shipyard.

    But I digress.

    So mostly I really like doing original sorts of RPs here. I don't participate in fandoms at all. So no Homestuck or anything like that.

    I primarily play male characters and if there's romance, it's usually really gay, but I have no opposition to you playing a female character (and only a bit of opposition to me doing it).

    I can do pretty much anything. I have a leaning for fantasy at the moment, but generally in more... Advanced worlds than medieval? I hate medieval fantasy. I also sort of like science fiction, but not dirty gritty grimdark science fiction, I more like the super clean science fiction with neon lights and shit because it's a lot more fun to draw (I DRAW A LOT). And modern day fantasy stuff is pretty amazing too. And... Pretty much anything else, I'm not picky.

    I can do furry, human, and like, nonhuman nonfurry characters. I already have a bunch of characters that I can use or I'm also fine with making new ones up. Both work.

    Uhhhhh yeah anyway okay I think that that's enough introduction. I can provide post samples if asked.

    OH I GUESS SINCE THIS IS A THING. I DON'T USE INSTANT MESSENGERS, for RPing or for anything, I hate them and they stress me out. I'd prefer to RP in a thread on this site or over email or something (but preferably a thread here because seriously there's just this big pristine RP forum and I want to tear it up man).

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    Waaaa, sorry I would but I actually prefer Medieval/Feudal Fantasy xD -thought it'd be cruel to let this thread go unanswered-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desirahe View Post
    Waaaa, sorry I would but I actually prefer Medieval/Feudal Fantasy xD -thought it'd be cruel to let this thread go unanswered-
    AW MAN my hopes got all up at seeing a reply. D: But thanks for checking it out anyway!!!

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    I've been really really wanting to do some furry roleplay, but with fade to black, if romance happened. I like fantasy (but not medieval), sci-fi, slice of life (but only if it's furry), modern fantasy, and...really anything but fandom. I've been rping for years, in various styles and settings, though I admit, I'm a bit rusty at the moment. My writing style is more show than tell, and I don't tend to type more than 600 words a post, but I would be alright with the challenge of writing more. I haven't done much 1x1 rp, but you seem pretty awesome so I thought I'd reply. ^^;

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    I'm looking to break in a few characters or dust off one or two if interested. Most if not all my characters live within a modern time period (some live in a more futuristic world) a few were made for the sole purpose of another RP that was going on at the time but I can adapt them to most RP's if they're still allowed to be themselves or retain some aspect of themselves I had developed beforehand.

    So do you have any idea what you'd like to do really? A basic paragraph explaining the story and/or situation the characters might currently be in or will be facing once everything starts? I also don't mind what the world consists of, I have furry, human, hybrid, mythical/fantasy/monster characters and if need be I can easily make another for the RP. xD

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    I would be more than willing to do an roleplay of any kind with you. It would actually help me improve my typing and English skills. But I have to check to see if this is alright with you:

    I tend to usually roleplay 'submissive' gay/bisexual guys.



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