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Thread: Why hello there

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    Why hello there

    Hello, I'm Aiko_Panda. I've been drawing since before I could walk and now do most of my art digitally. I do tend to post my fair share of fanart on other sites like DA and Tumblr, but that's because it's easier than posting original work, and that's something I hope to reverse if possible...we'll see.

    I'm trying to put together some ideas for a good story and maybe I'll make a webcomic if I come up with something that I am willing to share with the world. I may post OC's here, but it might take some time as I am updating them all slowly so expect fanarts from this girl for a while.

    I love reading, roleplaying, writing, drawing, playing all kinds of games, and listening to music. Wow, this is not a great intro. So...I'm a 22 year old artist that is looking for work and commissions as I try to go to school (when I can, not now). I'm completely self taught for the most part, save for about...3-5 years off and on throughout middle and high school learning the basics in various forms of art, acting included.

    Hopefully I will get better with posting on a forum as forums are still somewhat new to me. Nice to meet you all in advance and hope you are all doing well.


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    Wasn't a 'not-great intro' ~ at the very least 'tis loads better than mine was. Anyhow, stories/webcomics/OCs all sound good, looking forward to see what you come up with.

    That said, welcome aboard! ^_^

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    Welcome to the forum :3 I hope you enjoy your stay here :3

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    Welcome around the forum Aiko, you're not the only that's new to forums so don't feel so bad



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