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    What's all this then?

    Hello y'all! My name's Amelia and I fled from deviantART a couple of years ago, haha. I've been using tumblr mostly, but it's mostly a sketch blog cluttered with reblogs, and I was missing the cleaner look of a deviantART page... But then I discovered Weasyl and now here I am!

    I have a webcomic that I need to start updating again and a potential pen-and-paper scifi RPG in the works (that will have lots of art to go with it!) I am a woman of many fandoms as well, so expect the majority of my profile to be filled with fanart, from Homestuck to Psychonauts to Bionicle to Skullgirls and beyond.

    I am a busy little college student (double majoring in information systems and music) but I will try and be as active on here as I can! :>

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    Welcome to the forum :3

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    Welcome aboard ^_^
    And it's been forever since I've come across even the slightest mention of Bionicle XD
    Thought that died out years ago? Leastaways I got a ton of the figures while it was still possible to, then seems they just disappeared.



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