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    Want to find some friendly place...

    Maybe I'm not one of those who are escaping from deviantart, but... I felt that I need to find some place that is more friendly, or sth, I'm not sure.

    Anyway, I'm art school student, who spend a lot time on computer (and school, we have a lot hours there -w-), unfortunalety XD. But I think I'm not a no-life yet, haha . English is not my native language so I can make mistakes.
    I like several styles, but usually I draw in semi-realistic, both traditional and digital art, when it's occassion I like to write (yeah, but now besides school works I only write at role plays -w-). I have a lot of OCs but I love them anyway, and I hope I can intruduce them someday. I want to do a graphic novel in the future but at this time I started some other comics.
    And, I don't want to be monothematic - despite the fact that I love drawing animals and creatures, I also love to draw humans. So that's why most of my charas are human shapeshifters xD. I have more animal-themed artworks, but I'm going to change this.

    Huh, and, I forgot - Hello!
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    Welcome to the forum!
    You make comics? That's cool!

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    Yeah I do xD. For example, there is collaborative comic that I'm currently working on with my friend: http://mislead-the-truth.deviantart....llery/42246749

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    Welcome to the forum!



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