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Thread: A refugee...

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    A refugee...

    ... from dA. Kind of.

    Anyway, hi! I've not been a new member of anything in a very long time, so I'm not really sure how to write this. I'm pretty sure the last welcome post I wrote was when I was around twelve or thirteen and overly excited at finding a new online community to slowly degrade my eyesight on.

    On the art side of things: I do a lot of realism, wildlife, and portraits. I also somehow allowed myself to get sucked into combining realism and Pokemon. Given how much time Pokemon and art have taken up in my life in the past, this was possibly the most wonderfully terrible idea I have ever had. I'll hopefully get around to posting some at some point and moving some stuff across from dA, but if you're curious here's one of them:

    Otherwise, I've studied German for nearly a decade, am currently studying Dutch and Portuguese, and did a year's stint in Polish. I'll be taking an unfortunate break from university for a while, but these things happen. I used to play the guitar and game a lot, particularly FPS and RPG, and I really like cereal, cinnamon and cooking. Prepare for eternal damnation if you dislike any of those things.

    Just kidding. I'll get over it.

    I also like nature and animals. A house without a pet is lifeless to me.

    Anyway, if you want to strike up a conversation/ask me to look at your art, go for it! I'm friendly. In the meantime, I'll be sorting out my forum account because I'm pretty sure this is long over 140 characters now.

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    I'm kind of surprised no one has bothered to reply to your intro thread yet! It's certainly gone beyond the "Hi, I'm new" one-liners, that's for sure. Wildlife, realism and portraits huh? That pretty much sums up some of my most loved themes in art, hah. I've actually already taken a look through your gallery (love your stuff by the way; I also love how that Ho-oh portrait is reminiscent of a white-backed vulture!). Anyway, welcome to Weasyl and the Weasyl forums!

    I am not multilingual unfortunately, although I'm still fascinated by language and linguistics in general.

    Huh....I love two out of those three things you listed. I can deal with being only one-third damned because I hate cooking that much. Go ahead and traipse around in my gallery if my work happens to strike your fancy; a lot of my work is fantasy, character or concept-related (your dA gallery reminds me of how much I've been wanting to draw more Pokemon art...). Mind the weeds and the monsters though... the former bite and the latter are loud and cantankerous.

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    I would of replied sooner but I've been busy But yes, welcome to the forum and please enjoy your stay :3



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