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    Quote Originally Posted by Alphares View Post
    but I miss the "I'm an animal at heart part".
    Back up a minute. That's not technically "furry." What you're describing is a subculture of furry known as -- I believe -- therianism. I consider myself a furry but in no way do I think I'm an animal inside, lol.
    Meanwhile, in #CoE...

    [20:12:26] <+Dark> "He's dead, Jim."
    [20:14:11] <Nate|phone> My name's not Jim
    [20:14:20] <Nate|phone> And Starr's not a guy
    [20:15:18] <Nate|phone> ...
    [20:17:20] <+Cerberus> And Shadow's not a callgirl.
    [20:17:52] <+Dark> LOL

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    I've liked anthro animals for as long as I can remember . However,I first heard about furries when I was 12 or 13 on Neopets. Around that time I really wanted a fursuit,but obviously couldn't afford one. I began to draw anthros more,and I really enjoyed it. As I learned more about the furry fandom I also learned about the hate and I began to get the wrong idea about furries and strayed away from the fandom and drawing anthros altogether. Around 15 or 16 I realized that furries weren't as bad as people made them out to be. Even with that realization I stayed away from drawing anthros frequently and the fandom,simply because I just wanted to fit in. For a couple years I acted like I hated furries,and I stopped drawing them altogether which bothered me. Just a few weeks ago I came across a a video from a furry con,at the time I didn't consider my self a furry I just enjoyed the anthro art. I enjoyed the video,and I watched more,and more. I watched people suit up,I watched fursuit unboxing videos,I watched fursuit test videos,and I watched videos from conventions . Those videos pulled me back into the fandom. I began drawing anthros again,and I love it I began looking at people fursuits and drawing more and I loved that I began working on a fursona,and I began wanting a fursuit. I'm so glad I rediscovered my love for this fandom.

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    I always loved animals. I was on neopets, loved The Lion King, and had a lot of pets. My other friends spent their allowance on games, and I spent mine taking care of my hamsters and buying treats for my dog.

    I never really knew what "furry" was or the concept of anthro animals outside of pop culture. Then one night, when I was 13, I was at my best friend's house for dinner. We were watching CSI, as usual, and it was the "Fur and Loathing" episode. I went home and looked up furry, because the idea of animal costumes intrigued me, and I figured there was no way everyone did THAT. I learned about what furry is. I started to try to make my own fursuits. Aaaaand here I am now.

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    Well... I had started in the sonic fandom. With all the Drama on an old site I began to kind of stray from that path. I began to watch artists that drew anthros / furries, and decided to convert my "FC" into something more original. I fell in love with drawing in such a style I just kept it

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    I guess I can be called a 'greymuzzle' - I originally got into the fandom back in the late '80s. Long, long before many of you were even conceived.

    It seems that the term 'furry' has evolved since then.. Back then, you were a 'furry' if you were a fan of anthropomorphics. There were then the subcultures - fursuits, vores, yiffers, among others.

    Nowadays, 'furry' seems to mean something more, as I cannot tell you how often I've heard the phrase, 'I'm not a fur, but I like anthropormorphics.' So I'm not sure what I'd be classified as.

    And it was so long ago, I can't honestly remember how I got INTO the fandom to start with. One of the things that made me stay was the welcome community. I rarely ran into any 'drama' others have spoken of.

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    Your typical furry tail: Grew up as a child loving animals, and anything furry and soft, with a special affinity for real fur or woolly plush toys, I had about 7 guinea pigs as pets over the course of my childhood, and currently own a rabbit. I was always artistic and absolutely loved making things, so once I got into college I grew more towards anthropomorphic styles on my own and through research I stumbled upon the furry fandom. I knew it had existed before, but never had I wanted to be a part of it so much before. My first furry con was Furfright 2012, where I debuted my first (horrible) fursuit, but I had a LOT of fun and the people were so nice and seeing all the suiters made me so excited and happy I knew this was going to be a thing with me. I don't consider myself an animal at heart but I am definitely a big kid at heart, and I'm a very playful and happy person so I fit right in with the suiting community! I just do it to have an awesomely artistic form of fun.

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    when I joined furaffinity because I've hear it was easier to get commissions there than on deviantart! but I guess I really got into it because the NSFW stuff...

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    I don't remember when I learned of the existence of the furry fandom, probably sometime in college (16-18 years old). I'd always drawn characters that loosely fit into the furry category for years, whether that be fan art as a little kid of Bucky O'Hare, Jive Bunny, or the Thundercats, and later animal-eared/tailed characters for my comic book series. I just didn't know that there was an actual community of artists that identified as furry artists until then.

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    Technically I started in the HTF fandom on deviantART when I was like 13. I didn't really identify as a furry until I was in the 8th grade and I stumbled upon some fursuiters dancing on YouTube and was like "Whoa that's cool, I want one of those". Then I met some other furries on MySpace and we became friends, they convinced me to make an FA and things snowballed from there.

    Also wanted to chime in that therian isn't a subset of furry, it existed before furry was A Thing. It's a spirituality. Not one I subscribe to, but I wanted to clear that up!

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    I joined one group on Deveaint art I am not going to tell you what it is called.
    If you really want to know I'll try to PM you.
    Then I went off of it.
    let's not discuss that.
    I did a test online because I did not know wather I was a furry or not.
    The website was
    It turned out I was.
    After the test was over
    You may be thinking
    But I accsepted at I am a furry after the test said I was.



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