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    Hi, I'm fireflii! I used to be known as Toki, but I've recently moved away from that since I decided I wanted a username that was a bit more unique/unknown. I've been drawing since I could remember, but only started getting a bit more serious in styles, technique, anatomy, etc. in the past few years. Aside from art, I enjoy reading (lately a lot of fanfiction as opposed to novels, but I enjoy those on occasion as well), writing (not as much anymore, but in the past, I used to roleplay quite a lot), and those other basic "arts" (photogrophy, basic HTML/CSS, etc.).

    I really love animals, and as you might guess, they are the subjects of what I draw. I currently own an old English Springer Spaniel and three cats. However, in the past, I have owned a rabbit, birds, snakes, tortoises, and a lot of fish. Of course, that is disregarding the amount of backyard snakes and lizards I decided to hold on to (though thankfully my parents never let me keep them inside long otherwise I'm abashed to admit they probably would have been neglected for lack of knowledge on what they ate XD).

    That aside, I'm still working to improve my art so I'll probably just be lurking around for awhile. Until then, I hope to soon start up some small commissions! C:

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    Welcome to the forum!



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