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    Fursuit Maker here!

    Hey there furs, new to this site I moved over from FA, so far so good, I can be reached at wild-fuzz-studios: as my main page, but you can forum post to me as well. I love making new friends and meeting new people along the way, I hope to make lots more over here and get noticed as well so feel free to stop by, ask me questions whatever!. I have loads of slots open for suits and such still yet to fill so if your interested be sure to ask!

    Over and out!


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    Welcome to the forum of Weasyl! From Fur Affinity eh? I want to join that site,but is mostly for furries and I don't draw furries so often xD

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    Hey! Welcome to Weasyl! :-D

    I think you're the first fursuit builder I've seen in the welcomes so far. They look pretty cool (but I'm too poor for one just now)!

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    I don't know much about fursuit making and how difficult it is, but I tip my hat to you.
    Welcome to the forums and Weasyl !



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