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    I would like to take this time to suggest a few things to you.

    For your situation with that computer (2.9ghz 6-core processor and mid-range video card) you want at minimum a 500 watt power supply with at least 30 amps on +12v (that will be listed in the details for each power supply when you look at it) and pretty much only look at the ones with the "80 plus" logo on them. If you see "split rail" power supplies that list like "18A +12v1, 18A +12v2" etc, then just add the two values together and that would be a 36-amp power supply. A Better choice would be a 550-600 with 35-40 amps for good stability.

    Also brand is important!

    Top choices are: PC Power & Cooling (pretty much any model), ThermalTake ToughPower, Seasonic Platinum. Those are the best in build quality and performance, but might tend to be expensive depending on what's available in your country.

    These top performance ones I've used myself in many different computers and they'll usually actually let you run at their rated wattage (100% load) if you ever needed to, they also cost a bit more because they're good.

    Secondary choices would be: Antec (any type), Cooler Master (Any type), Corsair (any), XFX (Any), OCZ (any), SeaSonic (bronze and gold), SilverStone (any), SPI (any), ThermalTake TR-2 (or TR).

    These secondary choice ones are pretty good, I wouldn't run them at their listed maximum rated wattage for too long though, maybe 80% of max and they'd be okay with that.

    If you can't find any of those that are affordable that are 80-plus and 30+ amps, then could consider looking at RoseWill or Diablotek, but these two (and those listed below) won't operate at their listed wattage (like for example if they claim to support 500 watts, they in fact only handle up to 60% of that)

    Brands to avoid: LOGISYS, Coolmax, Raidmax, any other brands that aren't 80-plus, or aren't listed here.

    The reason this is important is because if you pick an inferior power supply just because it's really cheap, they won't handle what you need with your system and then you'll end up with crashes, bluescreens, the system locking up.. hard drives acting up, etc. The most common power supply problem is seen when you try to open a 3D game and the system shuts off, which can happen if you use an inferior one.

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    Thanks so Much AquaVixen for all the brand names! A Friend and I did a lot of talking and he was teaching me a bit about power supplies and how to tell if your motherboard can fit into a case, how many fans my motherboard can hold ECT. One of the power supplies he actually linked to me was 80+ Gold ---->
    The brand is not within your list, but he claims he looked it over and that it's a Steal at that price.

    I am going to be taking down those brand names and doing some research on Newegg and looking into them. Appreciate all the help ^_^; I'm hoping I will be able to save up the money fairly soon. Hopefully 300$ will all I have to spend on a Power supply and Graphics card. (haven't decided if I want a new case...would like one >< )

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    Given your response, I took a quick look at newegg (Since you said that's what you're going through) and I would pass on two suggestions. These are just suggestions of course, do your own research as it's your money.

    power supply:

    This is a good, rugged power supply. I used one in my big i7 computer for a couple years and I've run it up at 100% listed maximum wattage for months at a time and it'll do it without a problem. It handled my 4.1ghz i7 machine with 10 hard drives and 2 video cards. Maybe a little overkill for your needs right now, but sometimes it doesn't hurt to invest in a decent power supply that you could take forward to future systems for upgrading. I know it doesn't actually have the "80 plus" logo on it, but it's 80% efficiency rating and still a decent one.


    I've used this video card in an older computer for a friend (in a older 2007 2.6ghz quad core) and it can handle for example, borderlands 2 @ 1920x1080 (1080p) with all settings high/max and 60-70 FPS (smooth gameplay) when paired to even that older processor. And you have a 2.9ghz 6 core, so it should be even better.

    Total would come to: $273.69 which would leave you a little left over out of your $300 budget for fans.. you said you needed some :>

    Might not leave room for a case just right now though, but I think you'd be really surprised what your system can do when paired to a decent video card.
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