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    I'm more of a traditional artist, but I'm learning how to use GIMP

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    Photoshop CS4, SAI, and a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet for my digital needs. Corel Painter may be in my future since it's wonderful for digital painting. SAI is mainly used for lineart since Photoshop lines aren't as crisp as they should be. Could be that I'm doing it wrong but meh. SAI is a good substitute for now.

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    I mainly use Paint Tool SAI but I'm starting to fiddle around with Photoshop CS6

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    Now a days I mainly use Paint Tool SAI. I like it's smooth lines and how it blends colors. I also really like being able to easily flip and rotate the canvas.

    Other programs that I use or have used.
    MS Paint (I like making pixel art with it sometimes.)
    Oekaki Paint BBS and Shi Painter (My roots into the world of Digital art.)
    Tegaki (If you cant tell I like browser programs. They are challenging, but fun.)
    Photoshop (I'm not fond of how it blends colors, but I like it for effects.)
    FireAlpaca (While I don't think I would do much drawing in it. I quite enjoy some of it's line features. I think it could be good for perspective drawings.)
    Sculptris (It is the only 3D modeling program that I can sort of use with my limited knowledge.)

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    I use Paint Tool SAI with a Wacom Bamboo Create tablet. I occasionally use Photoshop Essentials 9

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    My favorites are Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop. (Preferably CS3 or higher)
    But I've also tried other great softwares.
    Often they try to imitate traditional art, which is not what I am looking for...
    OpenCanvas and AutoDesk Sketchbook are good, but with a more traditional feel.

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    Corel-Draw and Corel-Photo-Paint most of the time.

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    Big on Windows Paint here. I do also toy with DSOrganize's "scribble" function and Colors! (DS and 3DS) at times, though.

    I'll probably graduate to SAI or Gimp if I ever do serious stuff, though. (Or stick to the 3DS, it's quite capable...)

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    Artrage and Photoshop for me.

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    I used to use nothing but Photoshop, but since I'm using my tablet more these days I've pretty much completely moved over to Sai. The stabiliser is ludicrously useful when your lines are usually a jittery mess.



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