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    I just got a PC, so I downloaded SAI and I'm in love with it. Still using Manga Studio 5 for larger pieces though

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    I swear by MyPaint. As mentioned, it does not allow for moving around layers and selecting/moving stuff. In fact it's pretty much devoid of image manipulation tools in general. But man do I love the feel of is brushes and blending. To work around MyPaint's missing features I just open the .ora from MyPaint in GIMP, fiddle around with it there, then if I need to save it and return to MyPaint.

    Yes it's a bit cumbersome, but you can't argue with the price and MyPaint just feels good.

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    Occassionally Gimp for some things
    Sometimes meddle in Manga Studio

    3D work I use Maya and Houdini.

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    I really only use Photoshop CS6 but I also like to doodle on my iPad in either the DrawSomething or Sketches apps.

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    I'm a vector artist, so I use Illustrator. Normally when I color and shade, I use Photoshop. Both are CS5.



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