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    I primarily use Paint Tool Sai for the majority of my digital work - sketching and inking, as well as basic coloring (flats and simple shading). I use Photoshop for adding textures and anything fancy.
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    I have seen Sai and photoshop being tossed around alot, But I use something a little different. I Use Manga Studio 5. I think its a good program not just for manga but for drawing comics as it was intended. But It works for just about anything. The latest one (5) has been sold as a replacement/alternative to photoshop, but it also does a couple of things I think would impress Sai users as well. Alot of the stuff I see in Sai, is standard in MS5, But My favorite is the "Paint and Apply" brush. A watercolor brush that uses hard pressure to lay down color, and soft pressure to Blur/blend/smudge the color together, a water color brush AND a blur tool in one go. (SFW, unless MLP scares you)
    This is an image I Just finished using MS5, I think it turned out well, but It was done exclusively with MS5, entirely digital (mine is on the left, the origional artwork for the adopt on the right

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    I haven't used Manga Studio 5 yet, is it free, or do you have to pay?

    As for me, I do all my work in SAI, because all I do is color other people's stuff in, and I feel that SAI is best suited for that.
    Well, if I have to add text to something, that's when I break out Photoshop, but that's really about all I use that for. x)

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    Huh... seemingly everyone uses Sai but I found it almost as restricting as Illustrator. I mostly bounce between Painter 12 and Photoshop CS5. I tried Manga Studio a long time ago but the interface was really really weird.

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    i use cs5 or paint tool sai

    thats about it ive tried other programs but keep going back to those two
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    Most of the category have but i use MSPaint because in MS paint colour scheme is too much good that's why i use the MSPaint..What is the initial point to use the MSPaint?
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    Like most, I use Sai for sketching, inking and colour/shade/highlights. I also have Photoshop Elements if I want to go slightly fancier.
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    I use Paint Tool SAI for most of my work, though I recently bought ArtRage 4 pro on Steam a while back, which I should start using as well.

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    Photoshop CS6 ,and thanks to a recent brushpack I'm not using Fireapalca for inking anymore. I also do some 3D in Zbrush but thats been a good few months x_X;

    I'v also used Sai for a year, great program but I'm doing the monochrome technique now aaaaaand that doesn't go all to well in SAI.

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    I've never been able to get into Photoshop (probably doesn't help that I only have Elements...), and ever since I've tried Sai, that's been pretty much the only thing I use. I'll transfer things into GIMP for transparency or other little effects, but I live in Sai ;v;



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