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    Hello, I'm... well me.

    I'm Adoptberries. I'm known by this name on both the Main site and DA. I am an adoptable maker by trade and excel with designing characters. I love pokemon gijinkas! They are some of my favorite things to design besides Humans, Personal adopt species and Anthro.

    In Real life (beyond the net) I'm a Graphic Design student. Character Design is more of a side job for collage expenses I want to avoid. I make a living out of my art beyond my characters, and my life goal is to become an Art History teacher. It is something I have desired to do since i was young and will never give up on.

    It's a pleasure to meet everybody now and I would love to talk and get to know some others here on the site. If you're into Rp, you can check my characters out and leave a RP comment. I'll respond right away. ^ ^

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    Welcome to the forum!

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    Art History was actually one of my favorite classes I had in college. It combined my love for art and and fascination with history and culture, so here's hoping you finally get to realize your goal! Welcome to the forums; I've been here only a short while myself but so far it's pretty pleasant compared to some forums I've been on...

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    Hello there! Welcome to the forum.I love art history,I always loved it. Hope your dreams become reality! Study as Graphic Designer must be funny and hard in the same time,I can understand you. I study as a Comic maker
    Well,welcome again!

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    I think the classmates make my class funny. ^ ^ Its considered an AP course so its a lot of work, but I love that. If I had a choice I'd rather work on art all day then anything else. I'm going to check out your account then, I love comics and would adore to see what you do.

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    Welcome to the forums, once you become a teacher let me know, I'll be your student! As long as you don't grade me badly :3.

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    Will do, ^ ^ I don't know though about the grading part, I prefer to think beyond just memorizing a subject. XD When i do though I'll let everyone here know for sure. (^ ^)b Also it's nice to meet you and talk to you. I can't remember the last time a staff of any forum would come in and comment to welcome new members and actually take the time to read the post. thank you.

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    Thank you! ^ ^

    - - - Updated - - -

    Yeah, I love history, art history was a combination of things i enjoy more then anything else in the world. Not to mention I currently have a wonderful teacher who supports me and cares about my choices. She's actually been allowing me to work with inventory and aid her in putting together her lectures/present and prepare a few of my own for the class.
    I think this forum is far better then most. Its friendlier then a few I've visited and interaction between new members, staff and older members is positive. ^ ^ I'm going to like coming here I think.

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    Welcome to the forums!

    We don't get art history much here, it sounds interesting though :-)

    Do you get to do any teaching just now?



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