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    Quote Originally Posted by Ibuuyk View Post
    goobles can i touch your face
    :C never

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    - People dicking around in lines and just generally being incompetent about knowing how to pay for things, especially when there is a long one that I've already been standing in it for like 30 minutes. No one cares about your 50 cents off coupon! You should have already had it out! GO!!
    - Text speech.
    - Emos and scene kids as a whole. Teenybopper "Hot Topic goths," as well.
    - Dogs as a whole.
    - Babies as a whole.
    - Whiny or bratty children.
    - When people blast their music way too loud in their car, and you can clearly hear every word or note of it. Moreso, if it's just a bunch of thumping garbage.
    - Dubstep.
    - Screamo.
    - Country music.
    - "Random!! XD" types.
    - People who can't take critique or general negativity thrown their way.
    - "Gamur gurlz."
    - Vegetarians / vegans who bitch about other people using / eating animal products.
    - Anti-abortion arguments.
    - People who turn their entire identity into a single interest or trait of who they are.
    - People who act like you attacked them, personally, when you put down one of their likes / interests / something that applies to them but isn't necessarily about them.

    And a ton of other stuff.
    I am someone of little patience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gibby View Post
    :C never
    Why must you hurt me so :c

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fiz View Post
    Mouth sounds I guess? Snoring, lip smacking, chewing, loud mouth breathing. Snoring is the worst for me though, it drives me bonkers.
    Oh man, this is a great big one for me. Especially when it's relatively quiet and it's the only thing you can focus on.

    Others of mine:
    ~People touching my stuff, in most any capacity. I am a highly possessive person.
    ~Chatspeak where it doesn't belong and Internet references/memes where they don't belong, i.e. anywhere outside the Internet.
    ~Room-temperature Monsters. They have to be cold, dammit!
    ~When people use numerous reasons to get out of something or procrastinate, especially when it's unrelated.
    ~General lack of basic manners and common courtesy, such as saying "Excuse me" after belching loudly.
    ~Oh, and people with too many pet peeves. Life is too short to be mad at every little thing, so lighten up!

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    I haven't a whole lot in the way of this sort of thing.

    I suppose people acting like churls.

    There just is not much that is truly something that is not merely fleeting for me.

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    Humor based on stupidity.

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    I hate.......*whispers slowly* HATE. People at walmart.
    I dunno what it is but where I live, walking into walmart is like winning a license to simultaneously not give a shit and not pay attention. I've had people stand in lines all the way out to the cloths and jewelry and ignore me when I try to cross the line to get by. People are totally oblivious when the enter and exit isles and almost everywhere else. just not when your trying to get a product from an isle. It makes me want to punch them, their grandma, their children and their newborn puppies in the face with my keyes.

    Another thing is people that are slow moving in hallways and at wallmart. Especially when they line up so you cant get around them. And o...m...g...they act so offended when you go around them, even if its not with a pissed off look and jogging. I've pushed people out of the way when I was still in school. I had classes all the way across campus and people just walk slowly in lines in the hallways.

    @Vae What about half of a dog? Like one cut in half? or perhaps in 14ths. And babys?

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    - i do not like when people are late
    more specifically when theyre late to something important or everyone else is waiting on them and they dont have any other time to do w/e they wanted to do

    - also when someone promises youre going to go somewhere and do something and they dont follow through and deny they made the promise

    - when people dont try new things and prefer to stay in their little bubble
    eg they wont try new foods or wont go anywhere new but mostly new foods

    - and i dont think anything makes me more mad than when im drawing and im interrupted
    its really difficult for me to sit down and draw and when i do and there are like 10 people bothering me i get on the verge of yelling and i hardly ever yell
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    Most of my pet peeves are rather nerd specific, but I'm gonna be a little more general here.

    - My first two years of college. Because the year I've had, and the year coming up, is mostly retaking classes I already took in high school.
    - Weed Culture
    - People who make a point of telling you how tough they are or what martial skill they have. I do not care, and I'm not going to stab you with the balisong I'm flicking around. So stop telling me how many different ways you could disarm me without a weapon.
    - Greek Life. I don't get it.
    - Earbuds. One always blows out, leaving me with one functioning bud. I swear to go I can't make a pair last more than four months.

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    My pet peeves is song i like most because its food of the body with out song you can not survive..I usually listen song when i am bored or in angry mode..
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