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Thread: hey everyone c:

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    hey everyone c:

    Hey, name's Kim (or Goggles, it's an IRL nickname for me as well). Found out a little while ago this site was opened to all so I jumped on the opportunity to join this art community.

    I'm mostly a creature/monster creator and designer (not professionally (yet)), but I have been trying to work more humanoid figures into my work as well. I also do a bit of animation here and there, mainly motion graphic-like things in After Effects.

    Uhhh...yeah that's all :0

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    Welcome to the forum!

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    Welcome to the boards, I hope we get to see some of your art in the very near future ^.^ I love seeing creative new monsters and creatures spring up :3
    Rawr rawr rawr!

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    Hey, it's nice to see so many new faces lately!

    I love animations so I'll be looking forward to seeing some of the artwork you produce in the future

    Once again, Welcome to Weasyl!!

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    ahhh thank you everyone UvU

    I've been working on redesigning a lot of creatures and characters from older sketchbooks so hopefully I'll be getting a lot of stuff done in the near future~

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