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    I had a dream that Liverpool F.C. had won the UEFA Champions League two seasons in a row, then another dream where I moved house to the next street which led me into Germany and I was exploring around.

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    I had a really weird dream I accidentally burned an Egg and Bacon sandwich while trying to toast it. :c
    I'm so glad that was a dream, as I would of cried if you burnt it in real life ;-; Fried Egg and Bacon sandwich shouldn't be burnt.

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    I always dream about zombies... But I love these dreams !

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    I had a dream that I cheated on my boyfriend with a girl, and he was okay with that. We also were in a pokemon version of disney world.... Dont you love dreams XD

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    I had a dream that for some reason i was searching for someone important with my driving test proctor or w/e they're called. I can't remember at the moment. And i wa starting to freak out that we'd never find the person and they said 'Well what worries me is that you've gotten worse in your driving since you got your license.' and then proceeded to do some math to show my my percentage of decline in my driving skills. wtf.

    And then i dreamt that i was at a winter party with some college friends and i ended up making a hat out of the top of some huge acorn and going around laughing my butt off about it. Then i happened upon some friends who were collecting acorns in a really big box. They had thousands of them and then someone accidentally tipped the box over and they scattered everywhere.

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    I had a dream I had eleven guinea pigs and two chinchillas.

    For some reason they all lived in my wardrobe?

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    I dreamed I moved up to Portland. Then for some reason, a former friend invited himself to where I was living, and kept smacking my phone out of my hand whenever I tried to use it. It repeated until the screen broke. :|

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    I don't remember all of it, and it requires some prior knowledge. You see, I needed to bring my old gameboy SP into school today to work on a perspective project. I think that fact like became embedded in my subconscious or something because I had a dream I was looking for my SP, and not only did I find mine but two others as well. I was quite confused over where they came from and why I had them. That's all I remember. Finding three SPs.

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    I don't remember much but it involved me going to North Korea to stop the missile launches or whatever. Then one thing led to another and I was getting high with Kim Jong-Un
    We all have our demons. If we're not fighting them, then we've befriended them.

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    I dreamt my cat was much smaller than other cats her age.

    I woke up in a cold sweat.

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    Right, so I dreamed I was a completely different dude, standing on the roof of a skyscraper drinking cheap box wine when the dream turned lucid and I got the broken primitive control of a monkey over what happened afterwards. Naturally, the first then I did was fly. And then I went mad with power. I gave my dream self the ability to become invisible, to set things on fire, to explode buildings just by looking at them and generally rained terror onto the victims living in my little dream-opolis. Brilliant dream though, it's only the second time I've had a lucid dream in my entire life and it was a stupidly good time.



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