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    I just got published.

    Twisted Paths

    The publisher just sent me the email, and even if it's just a novella on Kindle I can hardly believe it's actually happening! *flails* I'm not even sure what to do with myself.

    *rolls around on the ground like a derp*

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    Ahh, congrats! That is super awesome! Do you plan to have a career as a writer?

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    Congratulations, that's awesome!

    What's the story about? Can you give us a brief teaser? Does it have any furry content?

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    Is that a mistake? Looks like I now have something new to read
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    Nope, for the first week it's set at 99 cents. It doesn't have any explicitly furry content but there are a lot of shapeshifters. There's an excerpt in my gallery if you're interested ^.^ Excerpt

    And yes, I do plan to have a career as a writer, haha. I'm doing a lot of ghostwriting and this summer I'll be moving to completely supporting myself via freelance. Since it's going to take a while for me to be making any real money of my own published work ghostwriting lets me write for a more immediate profit to live on.

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    Congrats. Enjoy your victory over the publishing gatekeepers.

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    Congrats! >^_^<
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    Just saw this, congratulations on getting published!



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