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    I rather have rechargeable Li-ion batteries than ones I would A. lose most likely, and B. have to throw away when they're used up

    As much as I loved running my Gameboy Pocket playing Pokemon Yellow with AAA batteries, they got expensive fast.

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    I don't think expendable batteries will vanish any time soon, there are plenty of other home devices that still use them today. Such as Torches, bicycle lamps, portable radio's, TV remote controls and many more.

    As for portable gaming, yeah, the need for such batteries is gone. I remember when friends used to hunt high and low around their house looking for AA's for the portable games console. lol

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    I remember the AAA batteries for my Game Boy Pocket (who am I kidding, I brought my Game Boy Pocket to work today), but I also had an AC adapter so when I was at home I could plug it into the wall and play forever.

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    Ah, the good old days of carrying half a pack of batteries alongside cartridges and such. =)

    Though nowadays I try and find any extended battery I can for my portable consoles.
    They're sometimes bulky enough to require a case/bag for anyway. (Like the Vita's Powergrip thingy)
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    Reminds me of when I'd try to bum 30 minutes off my friend's Sega Nomad. It was RAD being able to play Genesis titles portably, but I'll be damned if the battery juice lasted more than an hour.



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