The tensions in on Earth and her colony worlds between the Psi Corp and mundanes working alongside rogue telepaths has turned into war. The Psi Corp is trying to take control of Earth Alliance at this point and the Interstellar Alliance has decided to stop them.
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Warlock Class destroyer EAS Rorke's Drift en route to the colony on Orion VII:

"Captain, sensors are picking with a jump point forming right on top of us!" shouts a young male red fox officer.

"Raiders?!" asks Captain Richard Chard III (a lion).

"Negative sir. Sensor readings show what appear to be the outline of a Gettysburg Class heavy cruiser. Our sensors can't get any true reading of her though." says the red fox.

"Open a channel. This is Captain Richard Chard III of the Rorke's Drift to unidentified Earth vessel... indentify." says the lion.

"Sir, they are launching fighters!" shouts a female wolf at the tactical officer station.

A blast rocks the Rorke's Drift.

"Sir, the mothership has fired on us. Their energy weapons are neutralizing our defense grid!" states the female wolf.

"That can't be possible! The Gettysburg class doesn't have that kind of firepower!" says Captain Chard III.

"Captain, we're getting a visual of the ship... dear lord." says the red fox officer.

"Psi Corp..." says Captain Chard III. "Copy those recordings and send them to Minbar via StellarCom."

Shortly after the message has been sent, the EAS Rorke's Drift is destroyed when her reactor is breached.