I know there are alot of Star Wars and furry fans who aren't pleased with the prequel trilogy whatsoeve. This RP will not be for those people. First off, there will be several faction catergories for you to choose from. The RP will take place throughout the Clone Wars as a whole, ending with the creation of the Galactic Empire. Ok, Here are the factions you can create characters for, and you are allowed to have multiple characters. The main characters from these factions throughout the movies, tv series and literature will only be NPCs for the most part, except for General Grievous and other elite warriors (Jedi, Dark Jedi/Sith and mercanaries).

GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) clones and non-clone volunteers such as support crews and officers.
Jedi Order
Rimsoo (Republic Mobile Surgical Unit) personnel.

Dark Jedi/Sith

Bounty Hunters
Civilians caught in the middle of the fighting (who must protect themselves).

Alright, let me know if your interested, and which faction(s) you want characters in.